The Great Johnny Marr - DR & DJ Podcast (January 28, 2022)




Listen closely for Moz mentions.


This week's guest is Johnny Marr. Since co-founding The Smiths, Johnny has gone on to perform, write & play guitar with a long list of luminary bands & projects that include Modest Mouse, The The, The Pretenders, Blondie, The Cribs & Talking Heads. Johnny has contributed & worked closely with Hans Zimmer on film scores for Inception, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & most recently No Time To Die, the newest James Bond film. In addition, Johnny has consistently released & supported solo records, with the newest release Fever Dreams Pts 1-4, out February 25th. John, Amy & Johnny discuss the role that perception takes in his song writing, the sense of community between him & his audience & why he’s more comfortable fronting a band than solely playing guitar. Amy & John share their views on human “vibration,” it’s relation to health, & Johnny describes its presence in the “How Soon Is Now'' riff. Johnny tells why he doesn’t tout the puritanical version of sobriety & of course, John & Johnny talk about their shared obsession, running.

Our episode opens with John & Amy’s reflection on the similarities between the human species. Amy questions her age appropriateness of body piercing & they both share their own experiences of having various body parts pierced. They also discuss how human struggle can shape our similarities.

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