The Great Escape: The Best Blur Album?

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i liked 'country house' when it first came out, those years were a strange period for the band...
i remember damon and dave performing at s. remo festival in italy, with a roadie and a cardboard cut-out of graham! i was quite sure it meant the end of blur, i was wrong...
btw, my personal favourite is...

'modern life is rubbish'
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I think the album is wrongly denigrated although I'm not sure if I would say it was the best Blur album (if forced into a decision I'd actually say 'Blur' was the best one).

The run of tracks on the second side (yep, it's one of those albums I still think as being two sided!) is especially good. In many ways that Side Two of 'The Great Escape' encapsulates the mid 90's far more accurately than 'Parklife' did.


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Nope, always been Parklife for me . TGE has some of my fave Blur tunes (Globe Alone, Country House, Universal, Charmless Man) but also a handful that I didn't really care for at all. I remember being a tad disappointed and REALLY liking Morning Glory more when they came out. And I wasn't a big fan of Definitely Maybe, either.

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My personal fave. Discuss.:)
The trouble with Blur albums is that they're always 4 or 5 songs too flipping long! Great Escape is no exception. There are several genius pop songs (Universal, Yuko, Charmless Man, He Thought of Cars, Could be You, Country House etc), 4 or 5 pretty good ones and then a load of bloody awful filler (Entertain Me, Dan Abormal, Globe Alone etc).

But Blur are a splendid group. They're easily the best band since The Smiths and Damon is a modern-day musical genius!
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