The God Squad- Religion obsessives and philosophical types unite!

It's ok your forgiven I'm partial to the odd flippant Remarque myself.
I seem to have missed this apocalypse. I'm feeling a bit disappointed.
Here is a photo of me with the white hat, looking sad and devastated because I left my job, gave all my money to the church, and the world didn't end:

A philosophy head, A.C. Grayling, came up with a theory that seems interesting to me in his book "The Meaning of Things" -
Religion is the legacy of our caveman ancestors. Religious beliefs constituted their science, religious practices their higher technology. As the former it offered them explanations of wind and storm, the origin of the world, the meaning of the stars. As the latter it offered a means of avoiding drought, curing illness, and winning wars - by prayer, sacrifice, and the careful observance of taboos and rituals, all aimed at pleasing or at least appeasing the mysterious and often terrible forces which seemed to them to govern the world.

God, accordingly, is the name of our ignorance. As real knowledge and mastery advance, there is diminishing need to invoke supernatural agencies to explain the world. Deities inhabit the dark places over the horizon of knowledge, and retreat as light approaches...
Do people assume Jesus ate meat?

I don't think Jesus was a Pythagoras. So yes, I'd think that people assume that.
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