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So instead of just posting up a list of songs for others to check-out, I figured I would make you people a mix tape. Just like the ones we made back in the 80's on busted ass cassette's.

Soooooo grab a few of your favorites and zip em up so we can enjoy them.
Since this is in the "Other Music" forum, you can't put any Smiths or Moz on your mix. As for mine, I tried to make it a mix of new & older stuff, but also picked tracks that were obscure or things that the normal Joe will have never listened to but at the same time that I felt were good enough to be included on a mix. Let me know what you think, and I look forward to seeing what you all post up.

BoyRacer Mix 1:




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Great idea for a thread Boy Racer. I used to make mix tapes all the time but not since I got an mp3 player. And mix CD's aren't the same!

I think it can be hard to make a great mix tape. Should it flow or should it be a total mix of styles genres etc. In the end, it goes down to the tracks selected. I'll post something shortly. Hopefully a few other members will too, it coulb be a great insight into everyones tastes!


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Glad you liked it.

As for setting up your mix.... I think the content is more important than placement, though i fondly remember sitting around for hours planning song placement for that mix tape that with any bit of luck would end up playing up front in the auto as I would be in the back. hehehehehehe

I did not do placement on mine that i posted, mostly because unless I went back and numbered the tracks into position it wasn't gonna happen (I'm lazy like that). So just go with something you think would be cool enough to make the cut.

As for that song "Greater Omaha" ... best one on that disc. hehehehehe

P.S. For everyone else, should you find something on my mix that your interested in getting full copies of, just ask, and I will get you squared away.



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Here's my mix tape for the Morrissey-Solo masses.

My Pick and Mix Tape

It is made up with some of the songs I've been listening to consistently over the last few weeks. I've tried to put them in an oreder that flows reasonably well. Mostly new-ish stuff with a couple of oldies. Enjoy (hopefull)

Good Day - The Dresden Dolls
Under A Landlocked Moon - Kristeen Young
(Antichrist Television Blues) - Arcade Fire
In Dark Trees - Brian Eno
All - Corrina Repp
Contrast and Compare - Bright Eyes
Hands Up Baby - Camera Obscura
I Fall To Pieces - Czars
Chips Ahoy! - The Hold Steady
Whenever I'm Gone - The Prisoners
Paint A Rainbow - My Bloody Valentine
I May Hate You Sometimes - The Posies
Black Minds White Lies - Salty Pirates
Brianstorm - Arctic Monkeys
Satan Said Dance - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!
Phenomena - Yeah Yeah Yeah's
Friction - Television
Apply Some Pressure - Maximo Park
Skylon! - Gruff Rhys
Chicago - Sufjan Stevens


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Great idea guys I used to work reg nights and often made mix CD (mp3) to play the full length of shift just to annoy the other two guys I worked with HA HA I will gett one together and post it ASAP.


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'Tis a good idea. Particularly enjoyed the PIL one. I'll bung one up tomorrow. Really excited about a gadget I'm getting, that will widen my collection. I saw a music centre advertised yesterday that doesn't require a computer, but you put vinyl album on the turntable, and it converts it directly to MP3 for loading on your player or memory card, no computer required. I'm off to delve in the loft to get all that melodic hardcore out now (Leatherface, Drive, Snuff....)



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I really think mixtapes show us what frame of mind the maker is/was in when they were made. I have made numerous for work (see above) and I can listen back and think wow I must have been P***** off at that time or WOW thats a happy sounding bunch of tunes so see if you can decied what mood I am in listening to these tracks HA HA HA HA...............................:D


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Just a small point would it be wise to try and make the mixtapes so they fit on a cd....... ie 80mins


Back from the grave

Working a second one for you guys now.

This is turning out well thus far with just the 3 of us up to this point. There is some stuff on those that I have not heard before, and/or haven't gotten around to checking out. Which in reality was the purpose of starting the thread...... to see what others are listening to that I may or may not be missing out on.

Have another for ya shortly.



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I really think mixtapes show us what frame of mind the maker is/was in when they were made. I have made numerous for work (see above) and I can listen back and think wow I must have been P***** off at that time or WOW thats a happy sounding bunch of tunes

I've often thought that when looking back at past mixes: "Ooh, I must have been fun to be around when I made THAT tape...."

Looking forward to your mix Grahma, especially Rhythm is a Dancer! \m/ :)

Note: There should be a 'house' emoticon with white gloves and a whistle


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who will be the first to put.............. BOW WOW WOW C30 C60 C90 on ha ha


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Cheers BR "another fine mix youve got me into" will download the 80's mix as soon as it allows me !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was hoping to make another mixtape to post today but the lure of a cold pint on a warm Easter Sunday has beaten me so off to the pub soon. Have a great weekend and I will get something posted ASAP (drunk or not ha ha)


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My first ever CDR mix. From about 2001.

1. PESHAY FEAT. CO-ORDINATE "you got me burning"
2. EDAN "you suck!"
3. JAMES YORKSTON "st.patrick"
4. THE AGGROVATORS "straight to channel one head dub"
5. FREDDY FRESH "mogwai"
6. STEREOLAB "super electric"
7. SOLEDAD BROTHERS "stand up"
8. BONNIE 'PRINCE' BILLY "wolf among wolves"
9. ARTHUR BAKER VS NEW ORDER "confusion (koma & bones remix)"
10. ELECTRIC SIX "danger! high voltage!"
11. KEALER "thru the nose"
12. THE BROKEN FAMILY BAND "queen of the sea"
13. DJ BROKEN WINDOW "that dead dj can spin and dance"
14. THE LAND OF NOD "halflight"
15. RJD2 "shot in the dark"
16. PRAM "sirocco"
17. CASS MCCOMBS "opium flower"
18. RUPIE EDWARDS "irie feelings (leggo skanga)"
19. JIM & JENNIE AND THE PINETOPS "pretty valley"


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80's mixed tape.........i thought i was the only person in this world who knew of Harold and Joe, im stunned that you put this on....bravo on your taste

also one of my favs by the cure!
boyracers put up some fine tunes... i esp like the first

thanks boyracer!
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