The Forever 80s Podcast: "Exploring Morrissey's enduring appeal" - interview with Morrissey-solo creator davidt (August 15, 2023)

I enjoyed speaking with Liz Worth on her new "The Forever 80s Podcast" recently. Check it out on Spotify and other podcast channels:

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Finally managed to listen to the podcast. Very enjoyable and informative.

The fan exchanges and information that has been archived on this website is just priceless. It is the result of 25+ years of discipline and work, a true labour of love.

It will always stand as an hommage to the man himself and the profound impact he had on so many people. Morrissey should be grateful for that one day ( let it be soon).

Thank you so much for your work on this website. I really appreciate being able to get all the information without hanging around on unsocial media all day. Also a big thank you to all the contributors, especially for the live shows.❤️
I listened to it today at last and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot. Very interesting interview.

Needless to say thanks to David for all his work with Morrisseysolo which is, and has always been, the best source, BY FAR, of Morrissey info and let's hope it stays that way for a very long time.
Just heard it on an unnecessary long and seemingly endless train's nice to hear your views @davidt! This site is an absolutely amazing platform for all Morrissey/the Smiths related stuff and that's why we all hang around here so often :)) Thanks for all your efforts and keeping it up despite the stuff that happened. Really good work!
Such a fun listen tho David did make some great points about censorship and cancel culture and how Morrissey has basically censored and canceled David by banning him from shows.
I am not sure I knew how much work goes into this site, so thank you David for making this space and maintaining it, it is truly a unique place to be able to post.
Thank you david, the website is a good example on how to properly archive the past without censorship or mess, so it is like a type of historical document and an art project for many years ahead and provides insight into what people in the birth of internet age have been thinking, as this site is not only covering morrissey but many other topics as well.
Can't speak to his previous lawsuit, but he appeared to be having a bad time in 2020.

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