The eternal bands that have still to comeback


Always crashing in the same car
I'd only hand over my cash for REM and Talking Heads. It says something to me about their split that REM haven't regrouped in the age of Trump.
It seems like the type of thing that if there were even a remote chance of a reformation, they would do, given their political jabbering.


Game Of Death.
few of those guys are in their seventies let them enjoy their millions.a reunion is like getting back with an ex,feels good for a while but deep down you know it wont last.


Chilling in Cheshire.
I was always hoping for a Husker Du reunion until last year (Grant Hart died)

Yes that was sad news. I still enjoy Bob Mould though and see him every time he plays in the UK, looking forward to his Manchester gig in March 19.
reunion smiths
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