The eroticism in 25 sleeves - Smiths as No. 18 and Morrissey No. 24

Raphael Lambach

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It's also not new... but I think it's pretty funny.

El País numbered 25 sleeves with erotic appeal.
Smiths debut album reached 18st position and Your Arsenal as number 24.

1. Roxy Music - Country life
2. The Strokes - Is this it?
3 - The Rolling stones - Sticky fingers
4 - The Velvet underground & Nico - The Velvet underground & Nico
5 - Pulp - This is hardcore
18 - This Smiths - This Smiths
24 - Morrissey - Your arsenal

I hope you enjoy it.
I like The Strokes, but that album cover isn't erotic. It's just a chick's naked hip. And wow, she has a leather glove on. That's lowest common denominator eroticism.

Some of those album covers I'd concede could be deemed erotic, because they involve innuendo and subtlety, but the word "erotic" is used too easily. Your Arsenal 's cover is erotic because of the vagueness and the implication and because of how Morrissey was back then. It was erotic because he had so steadfastly forged -on the surface anyway- a decidedly non-erotic persona; albeit one with loopholes and conditions. I don't really see the Flesh still as erotic; it's just some naked dude's torso from a campy Warhol film. The William cover is much more erotic than that of The Smith's debut.

Eroticism needs context; you can't just show nudity and think you've made some big sexy statement.
Really interesting list. Thanks for sharing it.

Although, to me, the most erotic of Morrissey's album covers will always be the back cover of Vauxhall & I.
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