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  1. anotheranon_

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    i've just listened to the radio two interview conducted today, quite an awful interview on part of the BBC staff.

    They were unable or unwilling to let a question be answered prior to asking another. Steve Wright appeared to be attempting to increase his own celebrity, rather than interviewing his guest, " was this song about me sir, was it? ".

    I almost vomitted.

    morrissey's answers were quite interesting, but no more than quite.

    Over the last few years, listening to the general output on bbc radio, across the frequencies I have realised i have little to be inferior about in terms of my own vocabulary and knowledge. Today was proof radio two is just as benign as most other radio stations, in a pot belly middle aged manner.

    Tormorrow i remain equally excited and dreadful over seeing morrissey. I shall be attending alone, I will probably hate 50% of the evening, enjoy morrissey, leave alone and most likely get myself verbally insulted or beaten up around birmingham. Such sacrifice I would only make to see morrissey, as this will be my first time and maybe his last tour?

    I shall pass the sorry state of our society in tomorrows journey, whilst also reflecting that within myself. I do seriously contemplate suicide in the new year, it remains the only clarity around.

    thank you for reading,
  2. Strawberry

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    Hey, surely nothing is that bad, not even a show in birmingham which has a good reputation for sound btw and also won't be the last - NO !

    You have to remember that - even on Radio 2 - these people are pushing forward there own career even at that age. Most are not really interested in listening at all but you should wait for Janice. Janice is lovely and totally genuine.

  3. wilde-oscar

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    >Hi Anon,

    You can't surely mean all that. I don't mean the bit about Steve Wrong, but about going to a gig on your own - and leaving on your own and you go home & you cry......(you know the rest).. If your going there on your own tomorrow, I'm in a party of 3 (was 4 - but you saw my ticket sale attempt earlier). We will be in the Novotel Bar around the corner from the N.I.A from around 6pm. You are more than welcome to join us for a pre gig drink - you know my number from my earlier posting. Dont lose faith. The great one is performing tomorrow and if you feel it is his last (which I don't) I also have a couple of spare tickets for Earls Court on Saturday in Block 17. A much better view than Block 10 at the N.I.A.
  4. anotheranon_

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    You are very kind, but equally i'm very serious.

    I don't drink.

    Why would I meet a bunch of strangers! You could be murderers for all I know?

    I shall get to the nia early, around 6-6.30, take my seat in block 7, lower, i will probably be wearing a green fleece and brown cords, i will take something to read, play my phone, ignore everyone, enjoy the gig and leave at 22.45 to get my train.

    Its a nice offer if genuine, it makes me fond of you, but people are not for me.

    I hope you sell your ticket,

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