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Light Housework

useless shedder
I'm eating an avocado. But I'm going to sing pigstye.

Light Housework

useless shedder
no, they're only good in the spring. they taste sour and woody around this time of year.
I'm finding them perfect, except just a tad harder than I like.

I need to clean the stock pot in the above photo. It's been sitting dirty in the fridge for about 10 days now. I was going to wash it Wednesday but nicked my finger while cutting vegetables, so decided to let the tiny wound heal a bit first. Can't make soup without it. It's a very good stock pot. Sturdy. The one I had before was terrible. It rusted, and was flimsy. Served me right for thinking I could pay just $11 for one. But the thing was useless. Incredible how bad it was. It was a joke. Got it from Army & Navy, in the downtown east side, before they closed down. The one I have now is from Bed, Bath, and Beyond, and it's guaranteed for life.


you need to wash a lot of things. honestly i cant believe the shameless way you post pictures of food in obviously previously dirtied dishes
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