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I miss you Morrissey. I’ve been a cowardly moron, and a cold automaton, and now I’m paying the price, by being without any memory of your voice in my ear and the touch of your hand.
Again I walked up through the park, hoping you’d be on one of the benches waiting for me, with Your Arsenal playing in my earbuds. It was a pleasant walk, though I miss your stare, your legs, your paunch, your shoes. If I see you again, will you be wearing your black trainers, or dress shoes I wonder. Flare pants I hope. If it’s winter, then your sailor coat. I didn’t notice what you were wearing on your torso when I saw you on the outdoor mall bench on August the 10th. My guess is you were wearing a blazer. I so nearly asked you to come to the restaurant with me, and so nearly asked you if you wanted a pair of my shoes, but so nearly is not enough to make contact. I swear I didn’t recognize you until thinking about your appearance there for nine days. I keep harping on about having passed you by yet again, much to my chagrin, I know. I’m being repetitive, but I keep remembering your appearance there on that pretty bench, and I only become fonder of the memory and miss what I saw there. Please come again, and this time, make sure you take me in your arms and love me. I want such a memory.
I had a dream last night where I was sat in a pub by the bar and Morrissey rocked up and I looked at him over my shoulder and said “I always knew we’d meet like this!”
And he said something along the lines of “well, yes that’s how I always imagined meeting whoever you are”.

I talked about seeing him at Troxy in London and how I met the journalist who gave him a very slapdash and uniformed review. We both had tickets for the same seat and she kept saying I’m a journalist I’m a journalist, so naturally the staff forced me to move and got me another ticket.
It made me think if someone like that can be a music journalist, why can’t I? And how I’d probably make a much better one.

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I wonder if I screwed up again with you this morning, Morrissey. Someone I passed by, I wonder if he was you. I wasn’t paying attention. I was freaked out, because my heart had about 4 flashes of pain as I laid in bed this morning trying to sleep. It made me nervous. I didn’t dare get a good look at the person I passed by. I only saw him from a distance, and then up close for an instant, but I didn’t take a really good look. I was shy, and from a distance, he looked Asian, and I was surprised to see a Caucasian face up close. I wish I would have taken a keener interest in checking out his clothes and face, etc.

On my walk this evening, I passed by a man pushing a shopping cart, and I had music blasting in my ears. I think I heard him yell ‘f***!’, but I’m not sure. He was wearing a covid mask, was very tall, and looked young. I guess he’s going through a rough time. He didn’t seem approachable, so I kept walking.
I wonder what I would have seen, if I’d taken a good look at the man I passed by on my way to the grocery store. Slowed down, and had a good look.
Morrissey you do realize don’t you, that I can’t track you down and go to meet you? If that was you yesterday, I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention to you as we passed by each other. And it’s Valentine’s day. Gone to shit. I’ll go out for a walk this early evening as usual, hoping to see you, but I’m thinking I’m doomed to be without you for the rest of my life.
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