The Drivel Thread

I did have to go to a play where people were stuffing their faces with chips, but a birthday party would have been worse torture.
it's not about the torture, it's about not wanting to feel awkward or feel like im ruining everyone else's good time by being a wet towel and not partaking. and sometimes it just gets tiring having to explain it to people and your reasons for wanting to do it. so you say "okay, ill go to this ONE thing and then afterwards ill fast!" but then afterwards there's something else, and it never ends!
I notice quite a bit of weakness when I walk uphill, but that could be the antipsychotic I'm on causing that, because I used to be weak like that from it, and then I started taking magnesium glycinate and I could do uphill like nobody's business, so about a week after breaking this fast, I'll start taking the magnesium again.
I broke my fast, with grape tomatoes and cashews. I had no choice. I was so weak, I barely made it home from the grocery store in preparation for breaking the fast tomorrow night. A neighbour helped me with my shopping buggy to get to my apartment. So I made it 19 days and then some.
I finished reading The Pleasure Trap, and it says that all animal products are carcinogenic, and even coffee is. It promotes water fasting, and claims that salt, oil, and sugar are to be avoided, and whole plant foods are ideal.

Fried foods are the most carcinogenic., especially potato chips and French fries, from what I read. I don’t drink much coffee anymore, maybe once a month, made at home. I switched to green tea as my main wake up beverage.
anxiety bloody awful poetry testing the waters trying to feel good in your own skin trying to make friends wanting to alleviate anxiety wanting to feel safe to be honest wanting to have integrity
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