The day Morrissey came to tea: an extract from Dave Haslam’s memoir

The day Morrissey came to tea: an extract from Dave Haslam’s memoir - The Observer
In book Sonic Youth Slept on My Floor, the DJ recalls how the Smiths changed British music, and his charming days spent with Morrissey – on photo shoots, at the Haçienda, and over cauliflower cheese


Also, interview with Miranda Sawyer in which the changes in Morrissey are mused upon - Morrissey is now "...uninformed, charmless, bitter and twisted..."

Dave Haslam: ‘That music changed lives. It made Manchester what it is’ - The Observer


What about Morrissey now? How do you feel about him?
In the context of music, the Smiths were so valuable, they made such an impact… But I have no explanations for why Morrissey ended up saying the stuff he does. It is almost as though he’s another person. Everything he was – informed, charming, gentle – he is the opposite now – uninformed, charmless, bitter and twisted. It’s a strange one, especially because he says he hasn’t changed. From my perspective, he has.
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I quit cheese for Benny and Brummie Boy but Tillamook is excellent. I liked Kerrygold better, though. The very best is raw milk cheese but I never see it anywhere. I think they've made it illegal in the US. They used to have it at health food stores.

Many thanks :thumb:

Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
Tillamook never tried that. Is it a type of cheddar?
Tillamook is a dairy cooperative in Oregon which is in the Pacifuc Northeest of the United States. They make a really outstanding cheddar cheese. It’s pretty easy to find at better cheese counters around the country. Worth the effort to track it down.
Have been to see Dave host an Audience with Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) tonight, it was really interesting and Pete was asked about whether The Smiths had moved into Buzzcocks type observations when they released Hand In Glove. Pete talked for a while about how Morrissey used to hang around the their managements New Hormones office on Newton Street, he used to spend his time opening letters and getting involved in general music business stuff.

Ketamine - interesting thing for you is that Mark E Smiths sister, Caroline was there and she asked whether it was true that Mark and Pete used to catch the bus home together after a night out. She was a really nice lady and yes they did catch the bus home together.

Funniest part was when talked about the time he announced he was bi sexual in the 80's and somebody said how can you bi sexual, you have a son.

First time I have been to something like this and was great to see someone you admire, speak about their life and music in a way that you never read about in magazine interviews.
A bit off topic, but I can't think of any other recipe that should be brilliant idea in theory but turns out so badly. There's pretty much nothing else that isn't improved by adding cheese.
I think it's one of those things that seems really simple but it can easily flip from delicious to grim with any one of a few small missteps. Overboil the cauliflower and you end up with grey sludge. Use crap cheese, or not enough of it, and it will be insipid. Don't make your roux properly and you'll have lumpy globules in the sauce. It's not difficult but it needs a bit of care and attention to make it good. And no, I can't think of anything else like that either.
I just thought of a draw back with this dish it makes you fart ... really stinky ones.
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