The Cure’s Robert Smith vows to complete second half of ‘4.13 Dream’ album

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Although he’s become an in-demand guest vocalist, Robert Smith says in a new interview that he’s refocusing on The Cure and vows he won’t do another collaboration until he completes the long-promised second half of 2008′s 4.13 Dream — the so-called “Dark Album” that he once suggested could land in spring 2009.
Part of the hold-up, Smith suggests in his interview with Ireland’s Hot Press (via fansite Chain of Flowers’ scans of the magazine), could be that the rest of The Cure — who will play their only European show of the year at the U.K.’s Bestival on Sept. 10 — may no longer be interested in wrapping up the leftover material from the sessions that yielded 4.13 Dream.
Smith says of that album’s second half:
“It’s one of those things that it’s been left so long now I expect it will come out as a half-finished sort of thing. I’m not sure if the band wants to complete it, which is sort of the elephant in the room. What happened to the second half of the album? No one mentions it! We’re aware that it’s there. Nobody really wants to talk about it. Maybe it will come up after a few post-festival beers!”
Later, Smith discusses his recent collaborations with the likes of Crystal Castles (“Not In Love,” which you can download here) and Japanese Popstars (“Take Forever,” which you can stream here), and notes he has two more in the can — although he’s been asked not to talk about them.
He adds:
“But that’s the end of it for this summer. I gave myself a deadline of this month to start thinking about Cure stuff again. The ones that are done to date are done. I’m sure there will be more in the future… But I think between now and this time next year, The Cure will take precedence over anything else. Until I get the second half of this album out, I won’t do another collaboration.”
The Hot Press interview was conducted primarily to discuss Smith’s role in the new John Martyn tribute album, and much of the piece does center around Smith’s memories of the late guitarist and his cover of “Small Hours” for the tribute project (stream it here). Although the article doesn’t touch on the recent “Reflections” concerts in Sydney, other topics covered include Smith’s excitement about playing the first “proper” Cure show in several years at Bestival (“It’s the longest we’ve ever gone”), as well as why he’s slowed down the pace of The Cure’s touring in recent years.
Plus, Smith reiterates comments made by former Siouxsie and the Bansheesbassist Steven Severin about the possibility of a new album from the duo’s early-’80s, one-off side project The Glove: “We do meet up from time to time,” Smith says of Severin “It’s one of those things that I have a feeling in my bones another album is inevitable. It’s just how old will I be when we make it?”
Read the full Hot Press interview via Chain of Flowers.

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