The Cranberries cover "There Is A Light..." in session

Kenneth Stavitzke writes:

Recently, The Cranberries showcased The Smiths' "There is a Light That Never Goes Out" in promotion of the forthcoming album, Roses. I have a link to share. Their rendition of this classic Smiths song is brilliant and compelling.

SESSION ACOUSTIQUE OUIFM - The Cranberries - La Reprise by radioouifm - DailyMotion

Revivez le passage des Cranberries chez OuiFM avec leur reprise de "There's A Light That Never Goes Out" des Smiths !

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I think each cover of any songs from The Smiths only remind us how great they are.
Drinking cranberry juice is very healthy as it contains the most powerful of antioxidants. Love the stuff and I drink loads every day.

Is the band still around?


Do they have to, do they have to, do they have to let it linger.

The singers voice screams 1995 when they were big.


Quite enjoyed that. They didn't mess about with it or change it up too much.


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not all bad, but the chorus is terrible.


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Her accent is incredibly strong, it just mangles the lyrics until they're barely recognisable. The chorus is puzzling too - it seems like she doesn't trust herself to hit the high notes.

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It's got some nice moments and some cackhanded ones. In general I never minded her voice. They were a fairly memorable part of 90s music.


I am not even going to listen to this, I already know it will be terrible. The cranberries are a dreadful band. Dolores O Riordan is nothing but a Limerick knacker with a voice that causes ears to bleed. Why isnt she dead yet?


They were big in the 90s and they still are great. Stop being f***ing lazy bones and writing stupid insults against the band. The Cranberries are not doing a come back as they never broke up. They just stop doing music for a while for personal reasons. I am glad they are still doing music!! It's rather stupid to direct insults to them for being older and still making music when you don't go against Morrissey for the same reason. Music have not age! Also, what's wrong with accents? Do all have to sing in a boring perfect Southern England accent? Good for The Cranberries!!


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Pretty good. I think she's saving her voice on the high notes. She can still hit them in concert and it's not worth blowing out her voice for a radio show.


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It would be difficult to find a reason compelling enough to see that band live. Their first album was decent, and sort of started a long march downhill from there. Most notably, she had the habit of absolutely destroying a half-decent song with one or two really horrible lines in the lyrics.

Also, is it just me, or does it now look like she's twins with the lead singer of Green Day?


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The phrase 'in session' is a broad term. In my mind it conjurers up an image of a recording studio, with some studio engineers, in close vicinity to a radio station where a band lay down a live track. Whereas this looks like the band turned up for an interview and the DJ thought 'hang on, we have a couple of microphones, you have some guitars, go on, perform'. I doubt there was a sound check, the singer and the band don't look comfortable, non of them have headphones... doomed.


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