Morrissey Central "THE CHINESE THEATER, HOLLYWOOD BLVD" (June 29, 2022)


Tickets still for sale for every single future date he’s doing. 😂😂😂😂
Your last sentence is the key one. It is his blog. He can put whatever he wants on it.
Or is he only allowed to post profound prose, littered with references to obscure films, Morrissey-isms and quotes from 70s Coronation Street actors?
Do you tell your friends on Facebook/Twitter what to post?

Of course he can post whatever he wants. The rest of us can comment on the quality of it. This is the internet, after all. I don't think Madonna makes a Twitter post to glorify every time someone wears a Madonna t-shirt or a marquee bears her name. Morrissey is certainly capable of profound prose, so that would be a nice gift if he could bring himself to occasionally give it. He's put up more videos by Styxhexenhammer666 and Paul Joseph Watson than he has by someone like, say, Earthling Ed. It's not too severe a criticism to say that Morrissey Central is frequently lame and a "bad look."
I don't mean to be rude about Sam but he really is thick isn't he. He is one of the dumbest people in the whole M universe and that is saying something - have you ever spoken to Damon (or whatever his name is)?
Also, pictures of M posters only started showing up when he got on board (I think)
The strangest thing is this, it's hardly a boast is it? It's not fans making fan art and stamping M all over America.
Its M who pays for this, Sam is basically saying " Hey look at this advertising M paid thousands for"(or the promoters who work WITH M, in a way)
Its such a stupid thing to post- especially when all these posters still haven't sold out the gigs- AGAIN
I have it on a good source that the book he gave Morrissey in the Suedehead video was actually a list of ideas he (Sam) had culminated for the future promotion in relation to his uncle.

Enthralled….Moz still uses it today and quietly whispers ‘priceless’ every time he opens it.
Moz will do super well in this marathon Moz Vegas!! . Looking forward to the new Bonfire tracks I hope they will convey some parts of today's show. Moz go ahead with everything humiliate everyone!! Morrissey attacks again!!!!!!!

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