"The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" (Demo) - 7" Record Store Day release (Apr. 22, 2017)

"The Boy With The Thorn In His Side" (Demo Mix) / "Rubber Ring" (Early Drone Studios Version) - The Smiths, 7" vinyl is out via Rhino for Record Store Day 2017 - April 22, 2017.



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Posted some instagram pics of RSD stock in another thread, but here's how it looks:

Confirmation of
'Trump will kill America':

All credit to the original posters.
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Steve is such a Patriot. He cares so much about his country that he would have inscribed on a record "Trump will kill America". Guess who's not going to lil' Johnny Lydon's bonfire on the beach on Sunday. "there's gonna be some trouble"
Ah I'm so glad a run-out groove message has been included even if it is for a "reissue"
i cant get to a shop for the single sadly, but I see theres loads of so called fans got them on ebay already, one day sales
Any chance for an mp3 upload for those of us who can't get to a record store?
Can anybody confirm if the demo version of "The boy..." is really unreleased or actually the same as the original single version?
any chance of uploading those two tracks for those of us who can't get the record?
Is there any chance it's going to be published on Spotify? Or is it only wishful thinking?
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