"The Boy With The Thorn..." demo 7" confirmed for Record Store Day - The Future Heart

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By davidt on Mar 20, 2017 at 3:33 PM
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    Nikey posted the link (original post):



    Below is a list of every record due out April 22, 2017 (including some that will only be released in specific regions and some that may end up being released independent of RecordStoreDay.com’s campaign, and therefore will not appear on the organization’s list). The below items were combed together from numerous sources confirming their release, including announcements from various labels, statements direct from artists and online databases of distributors. Many releases are still to be announced. Follow twitter/TheFutureHeart and facebook/TheFutureHeart for updates.

    Smiths, The – The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Rubber Ring [7 ”] (unreleased demo versions, new artwork featuring actor Albert Finney, limited to 5000, indie-retail exclusive)


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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2017 (read-only)' started by davidt, Mar 20, 2017.

    1. Anonymous
      Ugh, I hate record store day. I guess I'll be buying it on ebay for $100. That Cure acoustic 12" seems interesting. I wish they would just release their MTV unplugged recordings though.
    2. ninetimesfined
    3. Dave2006
      'Limited' to 5000 copies. Five. Thousand.

      I won't be rushing off to Piccadilly Records and will probably pick one up from eBay later on.

    4. Quando quando quando
      Quando quando quando
      Limited, yes, but for how long?
      Time is on your side.
      When it sells well, maybe there will be another 5000 copies on sale due to public demand?
    5. Anonymous
      Love the way it's out of alphabetical order in the list, just to make you momentarily think they've pulled it....
    6. ShyShy_Flower
      Can someone please explain "indie-retail exclusive"? Is there a list of these exclusive retailers out there?
    7. Anonymous
      While this may be possible, in all the years of RSD, I have only seen this happen to one limited release. And that was the REM unplugged from a few years ago.

      Anybody else know of any others where this happened? It's important to note the difference between limited RSD releases and RSD releases that just have a debut on RSD but will be widely available afterwards.
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    8. Anonymous
      A Record Store Day participating store is defined as a physical retailer whose product line consists of at least 50% music whose company is not publicly owned.

      In other words, we're dealing with real, live, physical, indie record stores - not online retailers or large corporations
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    9. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
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    10. Anonymous
      Extra copies of Johnny Marr - I Feel You were put on sale on his website 2 years ago after they sold out on RSD and sold at inflated prices on eBay IIRC.
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    11. Anonymous
      Lol I couldn't find it when I went to look for it
    12. celibate
      Really hope they release every vinyl single again from the Smiths
    13. marred
      I'm desperate, but I'm not that desperate. Unheard tracks? If we're scraping the barrel that low what about all the unheard farts that were done in the studio? I want to hear them!
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    14. Anonymous
      Morrissey's farts were better when he was in the Smiths - FACT. Johnny Marr's influence helped give them a plaintive, musical quality. They were farts you could hum.

      Since hanging out with Jesse and Boz and drinking all the time, modern day Morrissey just goes for volume in the trouser trump department. Sure - all the Mozbots lap it up, like it's the best thing they've ever heard, but it's just not the same as the good old days. Some of us remember.
    15. Anonymous
      They did that with Rhino tho, how many reissues do u want
    16. butley
      Kate Bush also sold her release on her website after RSD.
    17. Southport Grandma
      Southport Grandma
      I seem to recall some of Weller's RSD releases being put on itunes shortly after for those that missed out or wanted audio only. Not sure if that will be the case here.
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    18. Anonymous
      Anyone not already have these versions? G'wan.... satiate the need.
    19. GMS
      Anybody else just hear the demo version of 'The Boy....' on 6 Music?
      On Steve Lamacq's programme - it should be available on the BBC iPlayer in about 40 minutes....

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