The Boy With The Thorn 2017 RSD release


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After putting it off for months, I finally decided to buy a copy of The Smiths - The Boy With The Thorn 2017 RSD release. Figuring all the fuss would have died down by now. However there is only one copy for sale on EBay in the UK for a frankly rediculous £50!! Even trawling through all the usual on-line second hand record shops was a waste of time. I thought there was supposed to be 5,000 copies released, so where are they all? I mean it's not as if the record contained any earth shattering content. I genuinely thought Ebay would be littered with them for about £12 - £15 by now, boy did I get that completely wrong!

If anyone knows of a copy for a more reasonable price, please let me know.


The alternate of Rubber Ring was pretty earth shattering to me! Shame all of the whiners here shite upon everything .

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There were 12k pressed in total. 5k for UK RSD. Judging by posts on Twitter of people getting multiple copies and it being the second best selling record during RSD (only eclipsed by Bowie which was unfair as the non RSD black vinyl version of his RSD release was sold a day earlier and included in the total figures), I'd guess it's genuinely in short supply.

That said, there are some cheaper copies on discogs (around £30):
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