The Boar: "Putting romance into loneliness: The Smiths’ ‘The Queen Is Dead’ at 35" by Callie Bainbridge (July 30, 2021)


Putting romance into loneliness: The Smiths’ ‘The Queen Is Dead’ at 35


"After being a fan of one of The Smiths’ most well-known songs, ‘There Is a Light That Never Goes Out’, for a number of years, I decided to listen to more of their work in my first year of sixth form. The Smiths quickly became my favourite band and their songs rapidly took over my playlist. I even discovered that they were my mother’s favourite band when she was a university student in the 1980s, resulting in many discussions over our favourite Smiths songs. Their third studio album, The Queen Is Dead, quickly became a stand-out album in my music library."

Another 'looking back' article.
I don't think Morrissey did, or does, 'metric'.
'Ton' please; not 'tonne'.
If you have been a fan of the sniths for 20 years , plus..Its pointless reading this stuff. In the old days when actual music writers wrote something you may at least learn something about music , if pop culture something about the wider culture.

But these bloggers add nothing. It's a complete waste of time. In fact when that Fiona writers something , it actually makes you not want to listen to anything.
I have socks older than her.
my socks were so old i could use them for golf,they had 18 holes.
my socks are so holy i could wear them to church.
the wolf of wool street made his money by selling socks at a high price.
the price of socks has gone down,looks like the sock market is crashing.
the sock said to the hat,you can go on ahead, while i go on foot.
boom boom.
If The Smiths was Callie's Mom's favorite
band, ya figure she would've played some
of the songs around the house or in the car
and young Callie would've heard'em then.
Maybe Callie was one of them me-me kids,
and if it weren't pertainin' to her, then she
didn't pay attention.

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