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    The best wedding EVER for a couple of Smiths fans who tied the knot at Salford Lads Club - Manchester Evening News

    Excerpt: "They may not have been able to get Morrissey as best man. But a bride and groom got the next best thing - a wedding ceremony at Salford Lads Club. Johanna Wroe and Neil Roberts tied the knot in The Smiths Room of the building.

    Both lifelong fans of the band, Neil used lyrics from the song “William It Was Really Nothing” to pledge his love. He said the line: “Would you like to marry me, if you like I can buy a ring.”

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    1. Anonymous
      Hopefully it will last longer than 5 years.
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    2. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      They've listened to the lyrics, right?
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    3. gordyboy9
      iv always dreamed of marrying a buck toothed girl from Luxembourg.
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    4. countthree
      I was thinking the same thing...
    5. Anonymous
      Instead of The Wedding March did they play Kick The Bride Down The Aisle?
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    6. celibate
      Long may it last, congrats Mr and Mrs Roberts.
    7. Anonymous
      This is amazing! Congratulations, and what a quirky backdrop. If I ever get married (unlikely) I'd always thought I'd like a pic outside SLC in the dress!
    8. Anonymous
      The lyrics to what? Every smiths and Morrissey song ever?

      I'm sure this is about the iconic venue and not specifically one song, and I'm not sure what song exactly you would be referring to
    9. countthree
      This IS the best wedding ever for a couple of Smiths fans.

      The couple is very nice and they seem totally happy. Who wouldn't?

      But the lyrics of William, it was really nothing... I don't know... Maybe... Who knows? :squiffy:
    10. Calamine Lotion
      Calamine Lotion
      The one referenced in the story?
    11. rifke
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    12. countthree
      What's your favorite Smiths quote for a wedding day?

      Not strange at all

      Mine: I am human and I need to be loved
    13. rifke
      im still stuck on the title. who writes this shit? does the guy who wrote the title also write internet memes in his spare time? the best wedding EVER? wouldnt that be relative? i mean, it probably wouldnt be the best wedding EVER for someone who wasnt a smiths fan, for someone who was, say, a kid rock fan. so, the best wedding EVER for these two? well, i would hope. i mean, regardless of the theme, i would hope it's their best wedding ever.
    14. countthree
      Both must be very fan and in the same proportion. Not like "I'm super fan and I go to the pit, and my husband I don't care where his bones are going to be settled during the show". Like fan&fan. Then it's the best wedding ever for those two.
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    15. rifke
      ahaha, literally laughed out loud. that's great count :lbf:
    16. Anonymous
      The "he" in this tale is me. And whilst I used the lyric "would you like to marry me" etc in my proposal, I also used a lot of other Smiths and Morrissey lyrics, taken completely out of their recorded context and made up in to a book that charted my now wife and I's relationship. We had little signs in Morrissey esque handwriting about the place on the wedding day that were bastardised lyrics, "take a vulgar picture" at the photo booth. "Sweetness, Sweetness" by the sweetie cart for the kids, "hang the Dj" well I'll let you use your imagination as to where that was, and "I won't share you" by the cakes! We met as a direct result of our shared love of The Smiths and Morrissey. For our wedding to have been held somewhere so iconic in smiths folklore was just perfect. The building is incredible, the volunteers are amazing and we have made some amazing friends as well as amazing memories. To anyone who wishes to pour scorn on our day, feel free. We did something that represented us,
      Massively, instead of bowing to an accepted norm of what a wedding ought to be. "There is no such thing in life as normal".

      Well for us, it was an absolutely perfect day, if you think we did Something cool, great. If you think something else then that's your perrogative. I was lucky enough to have my wife suggest something truly unique to us, and "I'm not sorry"
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    17. Anonymous
      "Will Nature make a man of me yet?"
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    18. Anonymous

      The title reads as follows, and therefore clarifies your very point no?

      "The best wedding EVER for a couple of Smiths fans who tied the knot at Salford Lads Club".
    19. rifke
      still no?

      wouldnt it have been better if morrissey was there? therefore it wasnt the best wedding EVER. it was the best wedding for your budget and schedule. also if this was your first wedding, it's not like you have many choices, and can say "no that other one was a bit better...". NOW do you get it?
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