The Best Smiths Song Ever, The Final!

Best Smiths Song...

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Poco Innocente

A ring a ding ding
i'll say it again, where the feck is Asleep? You mentalists!


Senior Member
Stop me if you think
Last night I dreamt
Shoplifters of the world
There is a light
Well I wonder
last night
reel around
half a person
and there is a light

absolute classics


Losing my edge
How soon is now?
I know it's over
There is a light

and in my heart I'm voting for A Rush and a Push and Handsome devil that are not here.

handsome devil

Senior Member
My votes:

Half A Person
How Soon Is Now?
I Know It's Over
Shoplifters Of The World Unite
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out


Beastly Little Parasite
Really tough, but here goes.

How Soon Is Now?
I Know It's Over
This Charming Man
Well I Wonder
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

Cheers :D


No way...
#1 How Soon Is Now?
#2 Last Night I Dreamt...
#3 I Know It's Over
#4 This Charming Man
#5 The Boy With The Thorn...

This was very, very hard. :(


Gear Changer
The genius of the Smiths is shown by all the songs actually missing from the final round - Back To The Old House, Please Please Please, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, Franky Mr Shankly, Asleep et al


I have M.A.D.
In no particular order...

Rubber Ring
Still Ill
Well I Wonder
And obviously... There Is A Light

God that was hard.

somebody loved me

Junior Member
Here is my vote:

- Still Ill
- I know it's over
- Last night i dreamt that somebody loved me
- There is a light that never goes out
- Rubber Ring

Thanks Johann for the poll

And thanks Moz for all these wonderful songs



Pheobe W Caulfield
How Soon Is Now?
Well, I Wonder
Still Ill
The Headmaster Ritual
I Know It's Over


Don't Rake Up My Mistakes
damn! I chose three by accident and can't re-vote! Anyways, here's my twopennie's worth:

How soon is now?
There is a light...
Well I Wonder
The boy with the thorn in his side
This charming man

I could listen to these on repeat forever:)



the sad punk
Yes, this was hard....

half a person
I know it's over
reel around the fountain
still ill
rubber ring


I voted for...

Cemetry Gates
Stop me
There Is A Light
This Charming Man
Rell Around The Fountain

But really, it was almost impossible. How come one band made all these extraordinary wonderful songs?


How could anyone think I know it's over is better than shoplifters!?

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