The Best Smiths Song Ever, Round 7

Best non-album Smiths track 1985-1987

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No...this one is too difficult. How can I choose between Rubber Ring, Half a person, Is it really so strange, you just haven't earned it yet baby, Unloveable, I keep mine hidden etc. All such important parts of my Smiths upbringing...

I wonder if 'Money changes everything' and 'The Draize train' will get any votes.

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Very, very tough decision this time round, but I have went for:

Rubber Ring
Half A Person


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Draize Train sure get's one of my votes.

"The Draize Train", "Sweet And Tender Hooligan" and "Half A Person".

Johan de Witt

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I love the way these polls shape up.
20 votes and we already know who's gonna go through, more or less.
Strange to see Unloveable at 0 votes still, though.

My votes:
Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Half A Person
Rubber Ring

handsome devil

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First two were easy to decide, but after that I suffered for about 10 minutes. :(

Half A Person
Sweet And Tender Hooligan


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Must there always be three votes? ;) For every round I've been desperate to vote for four.

My selections:

Asleep (this absolutely must win)
Rubber Ring

You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby would have been the next selection if it were permitted.


A Hostage To Kindness


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For some reason this wasn't too difficult for me ... I knew I wanted to vote Half a person and Rubber ring, knew too many will vote for Asleep so I spent about 10 minutes thinking what to put as my 3rd vote and decided to put I keep mine hidden, only because I've been really into that song lately.

I like most of these songs but IMO most of them are weaker then some that haven't pulled through in the previous rounds. I therefore tried not to spend too much time thinking which 3 to choose and won't bite my nails to see which ones end up on the final list ...


Don't ask
This was really hard to decide. Sweet & Tender Hooligan is one of my all-time faves so it got my vote. I really love I Keep Mine Hidden and Work Is A Four Letter Word, so I considered voting for them because I knew that no one else would... but, well, eventually I picked You Just Haven't Earned It Yet, Baby and Rubber Ring. But it was a tough decision. All of the songs on the list are very worthy, except for the instrumentals and the covers (bar WIA4LW, which is divine).

Manic Rose

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asleep, rubber ring and half a person


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Go Draize Train!

We're three people who has voted for it, jsut some few more to make an example.

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