The Best of The Smiths + Moz


Comrades, a nostalgia- orgasm for you, the best of The Smiths & Morrissey
I did these dvd's to enjoy myself and i thought to share them for you too, perhaps you like the tracklists? No?

The Best of The Smiths
01. Hand in glove (glasgow 85’)
02. This charming man (top of the pops 83’)
03. Still ill (oxford 85’, fanmade video)
04. William, it was really nothing (top of the pops 84’)
05. How soon is now?
06. Back to the old house (acoustic, fanmade video)
07. Please let me get what I want (Irvine 86’, fanmade video)
08. Rusholme ruffians (London 86’, soundboard audio)
09. That joke isn’t funny anymore (oxford 85’, fanmade video)
10. Well I wonder (fanmade video)
11. Barbarism begins at home (hamburg 84’)
12. Shakespeare’s sister (oxford road show 85’)
13. Asleep (fanmade video)
14. Bigmouth strikes again (live 86’)
15. The Boy with the thorn in his side (top of the pops 85’)
16. There is a light that never goes out
17. The Queens is dead (London 86’, soundboard audio)
18. Panic (London 86’, soundboard audio)
19. Ask (official “rank” promo video 88’)
20. London (London 86’, soundboard audio)
21. I know it’s over (London 86’, soundboard audio)
22. How soon is now? (London 86’, soundboard audio)
23. Stop me if you think…
24. Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me (fanmade video)

Part 1 (83' & 84')
Part 2 (1985)
Part 3 (1986)
Part 4 (Rank & Strangeways)

The Best of Morrissey
01. Suedehead
02. Everyday is like Sunday (Manchester 2004)
03. Break up the family (fanmade video)
04. Last of the famous international playboys (Hollywood bowl 2007)
05. Sing your life
06. King leer (dallas 91’)
07. You’re gonna need someone on your side (Hollywood bowl 2007)
08. National front disco (live 95’)
09. Seasick, yet still docked
10. Tomorrow
11. Billy Budd (live 95’)
12. Spring-heeled jim (live 95’)
13. Now my heart is full (live 95’)
14. Hold on to your friends (live 95’)
15. Speedway (live 95’)
16. The more you ignore me…
17. Boxers
18. Dagenham Dave
19. The Boy racer (jools Holland 95’)
20. Teachers are afraid of the pupils (Wembley 95’, soundboard audio)
21. Sunny (jools Holland 95’)
22. Alma matters
23. Satan rejected my soul (tfi Friday 97’)
24. First of the gang to die (Manchester 2004)
25. Irish blood, English heart (Manchester 2004)
26. I have forgiven jesus
27. Life is a pigsty (Hollywood bowl 2007)
28. Something is squeezing my skull (BBC London 09’)
29. I’m throwing my arms around paris
30. When last I spoke to carol (chile 2012)
31. Sing your life (dallas 91’)
32. Seasick, yet still docked (paris 92’, fanmade video)
33. Jack the ripper (live 95’)
34. Mexico (royal albert hall 2002)
35. Don’t make fun of daddy’s voice (earls court 04’)

Part 1 (The Studio musician years 88'-91')
Part 2 (Good old 90's, the band years, your arsenal)
Part 3 (Good old 90's, the band years, vauxhall and i - 94'.)
Part 4 (Good old 90's, the band years, 95'-97'.)
Part 5 (The "big star"- comeback years 2004-2009.)
Part 6 (live classics)

My little simple page dedicated to Morrissey, including my live pics/audio/video
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...and i do like morrissey-solo, it's always been the "official" moz website for me, there's a democratic freedom of speech there, moz don't like moz-solo because he don't accept negative comments, in true-to-you, the official channel of moz, you only hear news about sold out shows and best chart positions, who cares about that? I do care about the music, the smiths and morrissey have been the best music for me since 96',and morrissey sings my life too. But it was about time to do these compilations, Moz is running another pointless tour is US, with nothing new to offer, he hasn't done a 1 single good song after Refusal and don't have a new album, so i must say, "Get off the stage".

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