The Best of The Smiths etched wooden box set on eBay


Let's go Sabres!!!
No, I did not make these. Yes, I am the seller. I believe these sets surfaced in the mid 90's. I actually can't even remember if I got these off of ebay myself or from another collector met thru moz-solo or elsewhere. They were actually sold at Best Buy back then. And they have popped up on ebay every now & then. I have no knowledge as to whether or not these were officially released by the record company. I probably would be inclined not to believe so, but the fact they were sold in a major retail store certainly could make them having been officially released a possibility. There must be someone on this site with a big nose who knows more about these?


I'll say it again. Some distributor somewhere had a bunch of these boxes made, plopped the cd's in them and voila, $50 box sets.
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