The BBC Sessions 1983-1986



A compilation I recently assembled of the complete (as far as I know) Peel/Jensen performances, with my best effort at adjusting and balancing the volume levels of the differing sources.

Regarding the officially unreleased tracks, I offer my thanks to one savbomb ®, who was my source for most of them (with his/her processing and all) and to FWD for providing me with a decent copy of I Don't Owe You Anything to work with—I shamefully forget from whence Wonderful Woman was ripped, but, as the veterans here might expect, it's the most sonically degraded of all the cuts in the set, though just about listenable enough to not harsh the vibe significantly, at least by my lights.

Sidenote re. the first Kid Jensen session—I took the second part of Jensen's interview with Morrissey, as rebroadcast in the December 2012, Radio 2 program The Smiths at the BBC (rip attributed to "Black Page FM"), and edited it into the conclusion of the Hatful of Hollow These Things Take Time, so as to make use of the continuity in the broadcast (Jensen reintroducing Morrissey as the song's final chord reverberates and fades) while utilizing the superior audio source for the music.

It's all tagged up with art and relevant metadata, so iPhones, iPods and other digital players will recognize it as an album and play it as such.

Link accessible by clicking anywhere in the tracklist below.

Enjoy (I hope)!

John Peel, May 18, 1983
David Jensen, June 26, 1983
David Jensen, August 25, 1983
John Peel, September 14, 1983
John Peel, August 1, 1984
John Peel, December 2, 1986
Thank you for sharing, much appreciated!

I have a playlist of these on my phone but I suppose some of these will sound better than the versions I have.

Nice cover as well!
Any chance of a reupload of this? Unless I'm somehow messing up and the link works?
Any chance of a reupload of this? Unless I'm somehow messing up and the link works?


I saw the notification in my email this morning and was logging in to say I'd refresh the link in a few days, as I'm between my old residence and new residence at the moment and don't have access to my laptop/external hard drive until the middle of next week — bravo, FWD, for honoring this request sooner than I would've been able to. :highfive:
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