The Amazing Snakeheads


Surmontil 50
They're from Glasgow. They are good, they're extremely good actually and I've not seen them mentioned anywhere on here.

I went to see them on Thursday in a dingy dive club in my lowly City of Hull, the night was bitter and the wind was brisk. It was was a shame really because the venue was only half full, it deserved to sell out no doubt.

Anyway, the frontman Dale Barcley is the typical passionate Scot, he looks psychotic a bit like an insomniac, he looked great. He performed shirtless to about 60 people but the sound they produced was quite remarkable.

The set was so visceral and angry his neck veins looked like they were going to pop.

But anyway you need to listen to them, it's dark and bluesy with gothic sinister undertones. It's powerul shit.

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