The Adventures of Tiny Moz and Prudence

Geeeeeeeeeeeeee Zusssssssssssssss Christ. You have way too much time on your hands. This is awful.

This is so awesome!
This is so awesome!

Very clever and creative. I like him spread-in-repose on Pru's back. He looks very comfortable. :lbf:
I printed this out for a kitty/Moz-loving friend and he put it on his fridge! This is creative and charming without being mean-spirited towards anyone - no wonder SOME people can't see the worth in Scarlet's handiwork. I hope to see more adventures of Tiny Moz and Prudence in the near future! :thumb:
But for the record, my post was directed not directed at you; but at the silly doll/cat picture taker. :crazy::crazy::crazy:

And this post wasn't directed at me, but there's such a thing as standing up when a friend is being attacked. I wish you a lifetime full of friends who will be willing to do that for you, I truly do. But for the time being, come on, you have to acknowledge that there was no need for you to post you didn't like the thread. There are plenty of threads for you to spend the free time you have in your hands. If you can't find any, maybe you're in the wrong forum.
But... don't you have this thread on ignore by now??
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Scarlet, I love it - simply adorable! Prudence is beautiful and I'm sure I've said before how much I love TinyMoz. :)

Don't let those antagonists get to you; I'm sure it's not just myself I speak for when I say I'm looking forward to part 2!



I actually saved these two frames to my hard drive. :blushing: So cute!
Thank you to all who liked the pictures. I made them for Je Suis Julie originally, but we laughed over them so we thought I should share them.

I didn't mean to offend any sensibilities. Still, I don't get why people need to feel so outraged when they click on a link that takes them to something they'd rather not look at. Just click back and get on with your life.

Prudence now loves Tiny Moz. I think she thinks he belongs to her. I must hide him if I don't want him unraveled. :)
disturbing love what.the.fuck?
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