That's How People Grow Up - Looks like it won't make the top ten

Re: Chart Position: That's How People Grow Up

I've looked on a couple of TOP 75 sites, but can't find the new single anywhere. Does anybody have any info? :confused:

It was released last Monday, so will only chart this Sunday.

In the current (Thursday) midweek it is still top 15:

Thursday Update from MW - Top 40 only


1 Basshunter
2 Nickelback
3 Adele
4 David Jordan
5 Rihanna

Top 10
Wet Wet Wet

Top 15
Mark Brown/Sarah Cracknell
The Feeling

Top 30
Biffy Clyro
30 Seconds To Mars

Top 40
Michael Jackson
Timbaland - Scream
Does anyone really expect the album to sell in great numbers?
I think I'll wait a few months and it will be £5 from Fopp Records in Manchester (ROTT & YATQ currently £3)

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Oooo... thanks for the tip-off! I'll have to run along to my local Fopp and replace my scratched copies of both.

I sincerely hope there are better songs than That's How People Grow Up on the new album.
I think it is sad how a lot of people are dismissing the new single. I actually really like it. It is catchey and sounds like a genuine pop record. I think 'All You Need Is Me' is a stronger song, but it is not meant for the music charts.
I have mixed feelings about the new Greatest Hits album. I have not recieved it yet (amazon has let me down :mad:) , but i have seen the track listing. When i first read it, i thought it was very mediocre. Although, after a while the track listing grew on me. I think the new GH is perfect for a 'casual' fan or indeed someone who is not familiar with Morrissey's music. According to many top critics, Morrissey is 'as popular now than he has ever been' I think it is a slight exaggeration, but it does have some truth in it. It was amazing to see at last month's tour the amount of people under the age of 25. Atleast this new Greatest Hits album is different. Although the sight of the Patti Smith cover on the listing made me shudder :p
As for THPGU; let's hope it can make top ten! Fingers crossed! :)
That's how people throw up :sick:
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