Morrissey Central "THAT WHICH CAN NEVER BE AGAIN" (May 9, 2020)


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Little Richard was always ready.

Now that’s how Morrissey should gift the audience with his shirt, make them beg.


Was also a huge inspiration to Bowie, who I believe owned one of Little Richard’s jackets.

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A real legend. Will always be a legend. Morrissey? Not so much.
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Subversion used to be something we enjoyed in rock 'n' roll. It was what made it dangerous, edgy and exciting. Nowadays of course subversion in all forms of art is not tolerated by the gatekeepers of art: the media. So anything new and edgy simply does not gain any exposure and quickly dies - which is just the way they like it.

Looking back, Oasis seems edgy in comparison to the dire strangulated state of present-day rock 'n' roll. Morrissey, however, remains genuinely edgy because though his views are perfectly sensible and shared with the silent majority, they jar with the liberal-globalist line pushed by the all hallowed media so he must, by all means necessary, be derided and demonised for fear that his views become publicly normalised and acceptable.

For this reason I cannot think of a single current artist in rock 'n' roll who is as forthright and unapologetic in his subversion as Morrissey. He is part of a great dying tradition and I hold him in great admiration for this.

Benny Liar

A real legend. Will always be a legend. Morrissey? Not so much.
...and up until yesterday morning I bet you could only name one song by the "real legend". Did you regularly post messages on a Little Richard forum to reflect the high regard you held for him, or do you just save that for singers you don't like?
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