That suppesed Morrissey jacket



I've only just recently stumbled across the debate, and I can't be asked to go through the archive, so excuse me if I'm repeating what others have said before - but is this really the real thing??

I was at the show in Brum and I don't recall a jacket being thrown into the crowd at all. And why the hell would he throw a bloody Armani into the crowd anyway?? It is fairly well known that Mr. Moz isn't exactly the essence of squandermania or even generousity. I mean even the shirts he throws are more the Marks'n'Sparks dispensable type... the nice ones get safely tucked back into the wardrobe my Ms. Knox or Mr. Browne. And the jacket pictured clearly isn't the one being sold.
No, it's been pretty well established that it's not the real thing. No one ever really believed it to be anyway.

And as far as the shirts he throws? Well, they usually are Gucci, but they DO look as though they've been washed more than a few times, hehee. (I once did a forensics test on one of the care labels on a shirt.) BUT I still want one, nevertheless!
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