Morrissey Central "THAT SONG" (May 18, 2022)


Les Tameside

Exactly Lez.....And let’s not forget Joey Barton... Mozzers career in the spent the day in bed video, who notoriously stubbed out a lit cigar into a fellow human beings face...
Some people on here have selective minds.
Yes, Joey left a lasting mark at City by using peoples faces as ashtrays. Nevertheless he’s had a fantastic year and it’s surely either him or Fury for Sports Personality of the Year.

Dirk Blaggard

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One of the all time greats.
I tend to agree, he is a fantastic boxer and he suffers the black dog. Fair play to the man
I like it he quotes M, only because I expect this is the kind of thing M likes a "real man" who is a success in his field liking him
Sadly, I tend to think M buys way too much into this stuff at times. Lots of people quote lots of songs, its not a big deal.
Its like when he goes on about people having tats of his name, as if hes the only pop star people have tats of
Still, if it makes him happy.

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