That Rykodisc "How Soon Is Now?" CD of Emo covers of the Smiths is pretty terrible.....

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Hmm, what an awful waste of money that was.

They probably should've cut half the songs out and made it an EP. I'd say about three covers are okay, and maybe two more are listenable. The best are probably "How Soon Is Now?" and "Ask." None of them are great, though, and the majority of them drain the songs of all their original playfulness and fun and really just sound like very oridinary college bands. And all but two have those completely generic indie-boy type vocialists. God I hate that kind of singer. I've long felt that if you're gonna cover the Smiths it's best to have a female singer, or at least not an American male singer (British singers, like the guy in Supergrass, can do a nice job). And most definitely not one of these emo boys!! The only American male singer that I've liked singing a Morrissey song is the guy in the Killers. American indie boys just make me wanna kill someone, and on this CD it's all the worse because almost all the singers sound the same rather than mixing it up with lots of different types of singers. Musically, many of the bands tried to make some big changes to the songs, to varying degrees of success, but it's really all destroyted in the vocals!

And it's unbelievable how they turned "Girlfriend In A Coma" into a boring, tedious downer of a song. That's the lead-off track, and skip right by it or you might throw the CD out your window before you get any further.
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