that Morrissey photo (Camden 1984 - Derek Ridgers)


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Its that time where Im ready to move on this "original" not a copy photo by Derek Ridgers on. - Shot, developed and printed by hand by Derek

Numerous emails between myself and Derek have taken place so Im able to give you all the true and definitive details on this print and how it came about.

Shot in Camden in 1984 - Location: Derek describes this as a cave like environment under the building work that was going on at St Thomas Hospital at that time.

A commissioned shoot for (NME)

Only three of these "original" prints remain unless a member of the NME ex staff has a massive stash somewhere. Derek has one, a friend has another - and I have the third

This photo has been in my ownership for approx 18/20 years

Its hand finished by Derek and is signed in pencil on the rear, not pen as is his other prints signed - again, all confirmed byDerek himself

So, if its of interest to the forum followers/members or other parties, please feel free to message and make an offer if at all interested


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