Morrissey Central THANK YOU, BELGIUM ! (January 27, 2023) - Antwerp concert sold out


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Brussels almost sold out, Antwerp sold out.
Wait a minute....
Bozar Brussels : capacity 2 150 seating places
Stadsschouwburg Antwerp : capacity 2 060 places

WHAT A PERFORMANCE :cool::brows:

Wait another minute :
Salle pleyel : two nights not sold out (80 % sold - capacity 1913 places by night) ;
Lyon not sold out (80 % sold - capacity 2 750 places for this gig) ;
Strasbourg (50 % sold - capacity 3 100 places)
Yes, a TRIUMPHANT french tour :laughing::rofl::clap:
The seating capacity of salle erasme is close to 2000, and there’s another venue for 900 people in the same building.
When you look at the seating plan, the venue in Strassbourg is quite a bit smaller than the venue in Lyon.
Guess it was darn near 9 years ago.
I think that one guy was the guy Curtis who died (RIP).
Weren't sure just what happened in Antwerp.

The guys in this band are great! I love them all! Credit to Morrissey for choosing them and believing in them. I am referring to all the musicians who worked with him in time, past and present. They all have been and ARE great.
I'd like to thank Belgium again, for giving us so many lovely artists.

If I were Morrissey, I'd totally write an open letter to Maere. :hearteyecat:

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