Morrissey Central THANK YOU, BELGIUM ! (January 27, 2023) - Antwerp concert sold out


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I was at the Antwerp show in 2014. I think there was some fighting in the front rows. It was overall a really nice show. I was happy to her Yes I am blind there.
hopefully Ursula von der leyen pops in
You're welcome! We sent you clients. You might soon see it makes more sense to...regroup them.
This has gotta be a fake post, since it portrays Morrissey expressing appreciation to his loyal fans. No question about it, except for the telltale singling out of one race, the Belgians...:straightface:
And Brussels look like 80 % sold.
Brussels almost sold out, Antwerp sold out.
Wait a minute....
Bozar Brussels : capacity 2 150 seating places
Stadsschouwburg Antwerp : capacity 2 060 places

WHAT A PERFORMANCE :cool::brows:

Wait another minute :
Salle pleyel : two nights not sold out (80 % sold - capacity 1913 places by night) ;
Lyon not sold out (80 % sold - capacity 2 750 places for this gig) ;
Strasbourg (50 % sold - capacity 3 100 places)
Yes, a TRIUMPHANT french tour :laughing::rofl::clap:
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