terrythesnapper / Instagram: Morrissey photo from the last week in the UK

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Photographer by trade.
No context given.
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I did wonder whether, (given both times were just before Easter and that he was asking fans in Catholic countries to pray for his mum a few years ago), it was something to do with religion. Or I need to get a life and think about something else!

You may be on to something with that.

There is a very interesting cathedral in Ripon (founded as a monastery by monks of the Irish tradition in the 660s)

I imagine it has a few Saints in stained glass windows.


Aww, Morrissey looking handsome as ever. I wish I could snuggle with him in silence, or maybe he can read to me, tell me stories, or sing softly to me.
Sing me to sleep .. 🎶
I wish he had done the audio book reading for Autobiography, David Morrissey did a great job on it but just think how it would have sounded with the man himself reading it.
Morrissey’s looking happy. And in the photo below, Jessie looks happy too. I downloaded the photo of Morrissey, and it says it was taken on March 31st, so maybe he’s in the UK visiting relatives for Easter, because it’s still March 30th in America.
I agree , he looks good.
The other guy seems to have been to Turkey for some knock off cap work
Agreed, no teeth or sticking out teeth like dear old Freddie Mercury, a tash hides a multitude of problems, i got me big fuzzy beard so its all good 👍

Always thought Freddie’s teeth were so cute.

He didn’t want to get them fixed because he was afraid it would change his singing voice.
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