Tell us about the last film you watched, pt 2

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'Promising Young Woman'(2020)
Maybe the only film with a downer ending that has me punching the air with joy in it's final moments(although 'Three Colours White' runs it close).
A film about sexual assault that doesn't feature the 'R' word, has no nudity or sex scenes, no bloodshed(though tomato sauce and red wine act as fine substitutes), and is shot in retina scorching Pop Art pastels and neons. And yet the tension is ratcheted up to an almost unbearable level which allows the moments of jet black humour to act as a release valve.
The acting is off the scale, especially Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham, although kudos to Clancy Brown and Jennifer Coolidge who deadpan it as the concerned parents.
Throw in the fact that this is the ONLY film in which the presence of Paris Hilton is welcome, and the best (non-camp) use of 'It's Raining Men' EVER, this is a film I've watched three times now in the last 12 months, and whenever that final shot comes up, I'm practically jumping round the room(in my head at least)!!

Promising Young Film-maker more like:clap::babyangel:👿:knife:🎞️

There speaks a true connoisseur! I found it unusually moving though; with rounded portrayals, and of course, of its time.

On the back of Aubrey's super review, I had a look at Vivre Sa Vie, and can't improve on what was said.
I watched "Call me by your name"... for about one minute and a half.

So many bad things in one minute!
1) The opening credits: now, believe me, I'm as much into ephebes as anybody else, maybe even more so, but really these are a warning that if you're not an old Oxford scholar well versed into Greek, ahem, mythology, you should stop right there.
2) The super fake bourgeois parental couple. You see them, you want to behead them.
3) The guy who flops on a younger guy's bed, like Morrissey in that whiney song, except he's not broken-hearted. If you make a character do that as soon as he appears, at least make sure he's fascinating to not lose half your audience. The dude is average.
4) T.C's sigmatism. I tried. I can't. I hear a 90 y.o whenever he opens his mouth.

I watched tons of good films tho. Some other time ;)
Excellent review, Barking. It's a tedious watch. I only bothered with it because the director had done a remake of Suspiria which was surprisingly very good.
Excellent review, Barking. It's a tedious watch. I only bothered with it because the director had done a remake of Suspiria which was surprisingly very good.

That's reassuring, I sometimes worry I lack patience. :lbf:
I tried to catch up with Mr Argento's other classics the other day, and the audio kept switching from one language to another, sometimes mid-sentence, and I had no idea whether it was part of the film, or my tv provider fecking up again ( cos they're total crap.) :D So I just gave up.
Had a look in their (crappy) horror section. Tried Romero's "Amusement Park." Which is basically like a film about living with your old mum. (Admittedly a minor work). Kept waiting for something scary to happen... Gave up on that as well.
Broker (2023)

South Korean film about a young woman who abandons her new baby to people/brokers who nurse foundlings, until adoptive parents are found who pay for the privilege

Well-made film with some soft humour and humanity but raising questions about the normalisation of this practice of infant trade. And it turns out South Korea has indeed issues in this regard despite having the lowest birth rate in the world -
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