tell us about the last Film you saw

"El Diablo" bored me rigid after 26 seconds so I caved in and watched "England Is Mine." and wasn't sorry I switched from Cyprus to Manchestah -(But am I evah?)

I might not have watched if somebody's sister had not given it a thumb down...Well, I can see why she wasn't super pleased to be reduced to a slightly resentful sibling, but her character isn't entirely devoid of personality, so I don't see what she's so upset about. Even if it is fiction, there must be a grain of truth in those family dynamics. Don't know if Jackie stocked shelves all her life but maybe raising a son that will forever live off his uncle was her way to get even with Steven...
We all understand that it can't have been easy for her and maybe, someday, someone will make a film about her life, but sometimes you're just a minor character in somebody else's story and you should accept that, (even if James Maker is apparently unable to.)
The only character I found insufferable was Linder (don't I always?). But as O.W said, "we cannot like what we do not like." His mum in the film only has a few lines but manages to be annoying as well. That might be jealousy speaking, but in my experience, mums don't sit next on their kids' beds to tell them in a quivering voice that they're the only replica of themselves. I'm sure Jacqueline will agree with me there. ("No. She did say that.") I mean, why add ridiculous to enabling? I thought that was a bit cruel.

I had no idea M spent such a long time at work. That was a revelation. He spent enough time at the Inland Revenue to be mocked, romantically pursued, and bought a drink? I thought he'd only lasted 5 seconds there!

I had no idea he had such a cool friend either. The scene at the hospital is heartbreaking, I hope it didn't really happen. My best friend at school had leukemia too but the comparison stops here, she lived. But I never really realized I was hanging with a seriously ill chick either, as we were too busy being superiorly clever for me to pay real attention to the fact that she was bald under that scarf. Ah, the carelesness of youth.

James Maker thinks his Steven is portrayed as autistic. I don't see it. He seems fairly normal by my standards. If anything I think it's a flattering portrait. Did the real Steven ever go to a disco with headphones on, like an unashamed Mancunian King of Cool, long before the era of discreet wireless earbuds? Can you picture the guy who isn't remotely amused by Bart Simpson fooling around in lifts? I don't think so, Gringo.

The lesson of this film is: haircuts.

And the music was nice, too. I too like the Shangrila's. (And the Las's).
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Le Gai Savoir

Le Gai Savior 1.jpg

Le Gai Savior 2.jpg

Le Gai Savior 3.jpg

Le Gai Savior 4.jpg

Le Gai Savior 5.jpg

Le Gai Savior 6.jpg

Le Gai Savior 7.jpg

Le Gai Savior 8.jpg

Le Gai Savior 9.jpg
very difficult to grade, C+, but I highly recommend, why?
the two Emmas in it are fantastic, especially onscreen together, but it is unnecessarily long, it needed to be edited, because it is not properly put together and loses momentum repeatedly, its annoying and something I notice happening more and more.
Too often in the past scumbags in suits chopped movies down for purely commercial reasons, but now the pendulum has swung the other way.
There is something to be said for telling a film story in well under 2 hours and keeping it on point, this film fails to do that completely.
Though its beautiful and has some great performances...
Music carries us all to this
ray of light, you know?
Emerging through the curtains
while the orchestra tunes it's

Un Film De Jean-Luc Godard

Oh Woe Is Me 1.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 2.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 3.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 4.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 5.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 6.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 7.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 8.jpg

Oh Woe Is Me 9.jpg

Monsieur, have you noted that in
French there are the words "life"
and "kids" in the word "Yugoslavia?"
In this dark land,
Without sin or redemption,
Where evil is not moral,
But an earthly sorrow,
In all things for eternity,
Christ never descended.
Christ Stopped At Eboli.

Christ Stopped At Eboli 1.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 2.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 3.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 4.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 5.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 6.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 7.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 8.jpg

Christ Stopped At Eboli 9.jpg
I’ve just watched a documentary about John Schlesinger. Midnight Cowboy 🤠 moved me, to an infinite degree. I have a book signed by Schlesinger, think it’s the one to do with JFK. Not this great filmmaker. So much to discover and so little time, it’s a crime.
I watched "The Big Lebowski." It is on Netflix and I hadn't seen it for years. Just mentioning it in case you have Netflix and haven't seen it.
The repetition in that movie is mind boggling

been watching a bunch of movies lately. Showed my wife west side story for the fire time, watched the informers which is still a mess and mostly terrible, and I watched school ties since I hadn’t seen it in a really long time which held up much better than I remembered. Watched daddy issues again and I hope amara cash is working on something else as I really liked that film. Nice to watch something new and modern. Also watched spun which I hadn’t seen in forever, which I guess means I watched two Mickey rourke movies recently which is also a bit mind boggling, and that movie despite some great acting was also a bit of a mess. A fun mess though. Eagerly awaiting the house of Gucci film and the second knives out. Have also for fun been watching old exploitative movies like teenage hellcats which are sorta hilarious
"That's a weather stone. Makes rain they say.
They say it was a powerful spirit once. It got
turned into stone. If anyone sits on it, it rains."

"Really believe in that?"

"Ah... I believe different things in different places".

First Cow (2019)

First Cow 1.jpg

First Cow 2.jpg

First Cow 3.jpg

First Cow 4.jpg

First Cow 5.jpg

First Cow 6.jpg

First Cow 7.jpg

First Cow 8.jpg

First Cow 9.jpg
Hey, you pigs!
White Fox Tetsu is here to kill you.
Kanbe family or Owada family, it doesn't matter.
Try me!
All of you together!

Tattooed Life (1965)

Tattooed Life 1.jpg

Tattooed Life 2.jpg

Tattooed Life 3.jpg

Tattooed Life 4.jpg

Tattooed Life 5.jpg

Tattooed Life 6.jpg

Tattooed Life 7.jpg

Tattooed Life 8.jpg

Tattooed Life 9.jpg
Visually the most beautiful documentary about birds that I have seen in decades. And this bird, the Philippine Eagle, has the coolest hairdo of them all.

Camera work and colour palettes are a feast for the eyes.
Also like the way they dovetailed the new 2018 docu with scenes from the first film from the 1970s/80s (?).


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Listen Girl.
This school is the difference between you
and the children in the refugee camp.
This is your chance Miral.
Don't lose it.

Miral (2010)

Miral 1.jpg

Miral 2.jpg

Miral 3.jpg

Miral 4.jpg

Miral 5.jpg

Miral 6.jpg

Miral 7.jpg

Miral 8.jpg

Miral 9.jpg
The Choice.. From the title itself.. the movie is all about choices. That life is a series of them.. Doesn't matter whether good or bad.. One will lead to another path that requires another choice to make.. life unfolds until it ends.
That's a pleasant little film. It's titled 'Merv', like the ancient city.

Nothing is more gratifying than watching a survivalist, post-apocalyptic short film on a Wednesday evening, and this one tops it all.
From other films of this genre this one sticks out bc of its choice of music, and the minimalist imagery that really comes to full bloom in these surroundings.
It's actually a film that was written for and is only about this one beautiful lil carnation.
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