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By davidt on Dec 27, 2016 at 3:31 PM
  1. davidt

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    Feb 12, 1997
    From Danny:

    My name is Danny Santamaria from Moz Angeles, California.
    Instagram: Danmoz

    My photo from the book: To Me You Are A Work of Art was chosen for the print and release of an OFFICIAL merchandise t-shirt for the Morrissey Tour 2016. Currently on Mporium U.K. Merchandise webpage.

    With your platform and utmost respect for all things Morrissey, I merely just wanted to say:

    A heartfelt THANK YOU, for this once in a life time opportunity, to MORRISSEY. And that "I’ll always stay true to you”. (I've had this tattoo on my back for approximately 20 years now.)

    In the photographs I’ve attached I just wanted to thank Morrissey and bandmates: Boz Boorer, Jesse Tobias, Matt Walker, Mando Lopez and Gustavo Manzur. MPorium UK: Gary Pettet and Staff And TMYAAWoA book staff: Anthony Amor, Julian Chavez and Patrick Moore.

    Tattoo by: Angel Fierro



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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by davidt, Dec 27, 2016.

    1. AztecCamera
      Top mental mat! I reckon me bought mine just now. I reckon it will go great with me Yankees cap! Wearing this shirt makes me dream of living in Moz Angeles and seeing Moz at Costco or walking on the beach from Malibu to Zuma with Nancy and lil' Sammy.... Dreams. :pray: I reckon me got Wartsausage sauce on me Hard Rock Cafe-Las Vegas sweatshirt and me can't wear it anymore with me Nike Air Jordans. Crykey then, back to me hobbit hole to talk shit about Americans on the internet all day and waiting until July when the suns comes out.
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    2. Anonymous
      Does anybody else feel as though the Morrissey audience has changed quite a lot from the Smiths days? It is just an observation but judging by the photo and the cover of the book and his American audience it looks as if an image of machismo/aggression has been introduced- a fashionable hipster with black rimmed glasses, tattoos, very tapered quiff and tight clothes. Where as previously in England in the early days of the Smiths and Morrissey there was no fashion attached to the music- indie wasn't a fashion at the time, so attracted the sensitive, lonely, intelligent and shy youth which also reflected Morrissey and the music. The audience now seem to have gone against all that Morrissey once represented and intended so it seems that the audience doesn't reflect Morrissey or the music. Whether it's because Morrissey has changed an awful lot so attracts now a different kind of person I don't know. Or maybe it's because there has been a great shift from having a British audience to an American audience so cultural relativity plays a big part? Now it seems he attracts some American gangsters with many tattoos and piercings, macho image etc I'm not too sure being from England but it just seems that something has changed and the intelligent, philosophical pacifistic audience that were once authentically identifiable as a Smiths/Morrissey fan, for instance the androgynous girl in the 'Everyday is Like Sunday' video or the 80s Morrissey clones in the 'Stop Me...' video has diminished a great deal- even Morrissey said so himself in an interview that the audience were initially very thoughtful, sensitive and profoundly thinking people who were modest and shy. From what I see now it appears to be otherwise which is quite sad and that Morrissey can be used as a fashion/ trend/ image due to commercialisation of 'indie' where as it is much deeper and more powerful than that. It's just my own opinion/ observation so don't throttle me! I'm just interested to know what others think about Morrissey's audience/ what was his audience?
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    3. Anonymous
      You must look beyond the surface. If you hear the stories of a varied group of Smiths/Morrissey fans, whether they are from Los Angeles, Sweden or Indonesia, you find many similarities and "having a tattoo" doesn't mean that you are a gangster.
    4. Anonymous
      I know, I was just using that as an example of a typical characteristic. I know that many variations of people are a fan of his music for various reasons which is absolutely fine but it is just the 'on the surface' image now of his audience that I don't understand, that is all. From various experiences with other people I have seen their interest in Morrissey and The Smiths only to fulfill an image which does frustrate me slightly.
    5. Anonymous
      Why not just come out and say you don't like Mexican people, instead of rambling on with a bunch of coded language?
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    6. countthree
      Of course the composition of the audience changed, because Morrissey smartly reached other latitudes with his music. I find it very touching that fans from other cultures adopted Morrissey as part of their own culture, like Mexican fans did. That's a feature that not many artists can have. On the other hand, if there's something I learned in life is that sometimes an image that means something in a given time and place has other meanings in another culture. You can find a sensitive, intelligent, pacifist person, or the opposite, behind any person, independently of the personal image of that person or the meaning of that image in your cultural background.

      On the existence of tattoos... I highly respect all human expressions, being tattoos one of them, highly mainstream during these days, indeed. Some of them are true artworks and others show a touching loyalty to a person or an ideal. Being fidelitas one of the best virtues, which raised humans from caves to our contemporary social state. Said that, on a personal level, I find tatoos a complete turn-off. And I know I'm not the only one. Said that, it's very nice that Morrissey pays this deserved homage to his tattooed fans.
    7. Anonymous
      I think the shift is a lot to do with Moz himself. The early ethos of The Smiths lyrics was kindness and gentleness towards others. As he's got older he's got more bitter. His admiration for Farage, a racist and xenophobic being the worst example of that. Since going solo he's always flirted and admired hard edged, lower working class macho stereotypes. Probably inadequacy due to his decidedly non-macho, upper working class upbringing.
    8. Anonymous
      What kindness and gentleness? The Smiths world contained smashed teeth, people bludgeoned in their beds, hanged DJs, the Queen's head in a sling etc. Apart from that Moz has never been physically violent, he is just fascinated by it. Just two years ago Chrissie Hynde said that Moz wouldn't hurt a fly.
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    9. Anonymous

      You are right the audience has changed but not quite as you suggest .
      In the 80s and early 90s there was always a mixed crowd , scene types , hooligan types , bookish types . Some that were a mixture .
      The real change happended in the 90s . Moz reinvented himself as a lad hung around with London yobs
      Finally as he aged the worse he got and the worse the fan base is .
      LA isn't full of moz fans most Mexicans listen to uban music, at least in the gang areas . The whole Mexican thing is overdone .
      But what is true is in the last 10 years his fanbase is full of extremely shallow unintelligent fans. That was never the case before .
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    10. Anonymous
      Lol you live in a Morrissey bubble .
      Lots of big name bands reach "other cultures" that's why they are big name brands . For example Wham! Played China to huge crowds . Manic Street Preachers played Cuba .
      Morrissey certainly isn't the first , last or biggest star to do that .
      On the subject it's a shame people felt the need to be rude about George Michael and like 13 year old retards said " he isn't as good as Morrissey "
      It's just fucking sad. First it's subjective . Second George Michael could out sing moz anyway of the week . Secondly George has was a great human . People think Morrissey has all this depth because he's nice to animals really he's an utter cunt as a human . To know him is to know that trouble is people are too dumb to see it
    11. Anonymous
      I absolutely agree with you. The intelligence has diminished which I think is as a consequence of Morrissey's lack of encouragement of intelligence nowadays. Before he would encourage his audience to read, read, read great works of literature and think and discuss the power of words and intelligence. However, now he seems only to be influenced for instance with certain images like boxers and ideas of revolting by Russel Brand, (Dear God.) which is why the audience has introduced a rather idiotic and irritating breed. I think this could be because he is not influencing with his own unique ideas and observations like he used to. Oh, it is a complex matter this Morrissey lark!

      I also agree that the Mexican fan base has been completely overdone by the media. You listen to interviews and the question of Mexico is always asked by the interviewer most recently Larry King. Morrissey is loved greatly in loads of countries, so I don't understand why Mexico is only ever mentioned. I think he is getting a bit tired of it as well with his answer-'I don't know!'
    12. Anonymous
      To how many fans have you actually talked in reality to pass such a judgement?
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    13. Anonymous
      Basically everything about early Steven was him just stealing from others, he's as thick as pig shit in real life, a dried up has been desperately clinging onto the edge.
      Martin the snake did him no favours whatsoever, you'll see in the future when all is well. :tiphat:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    14. markreed
      So. Let me get this right. Seems like a bit of a surprise to the copyright owner, hence the tone. Is is that Morrissey HASN'T paid the copyright owner for using his work ?

      That doesn't surprise me at all. How many court cases has he been involved in around not paying people properly for their work?
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    15. Anonymous
      Danny why didn't you use the true2you platform to thank Steven for ripping you off ? :guitar::ahhh::rofl::laughing::tiphat:

      Benny-the-British-Butcher :greatbritain::knife:
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    16. countthree
      You didn't take the time (2 seconds) it takes to understand what I wrote. That's because you don't like Morrissey, which makes me ask why are you here.

      The only thing I said about George Michael is that his early death is very sad. He was a huge artist and did a lot of wonderful things during his lifetime.
    17. Anonymous
      I some what agree with the original post. Where were all these fans 20 years ago. The hipsters with tattoos, so annoying. It seems to me that they are posers. Morrissey--"thank you for sustaining, renewing...your interest." I guess there must be room for everyone not just me.
    18. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      The 'ownership' of the The Smiths as an expressly UK concept was clearly questionable since even before the 'Pretty in Pink' OST. I lived through all of that thinking how could Americans ever understand bleak British symbolism and was quite skeptical.
      Part of my appreciation of Morrissey as he moved on in the 90's was to accept that other countries and people 'got him'.
      Similarly, as Manchester gave way to Los Angeles, Rome et al... I think I realised it was the writer and not the geography that spoke to me.
      I'm off to continue sewing my troll-proof long Johns. Happy new year.
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    19. Ketamine Sun
      Ketamine Sun
      'Morrissey once represented' to quote you.

      Has M changed or has his fans changed? both and for the better.

      M met the world and the world met him, open arms on both sides.
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