Taste of honey shown on german tv on friday


they re showing taste of honey with a german synchronisation tomorrow.(friday night to saturday at 1 a.m..on a niche channel..its a digital channel not everyone can see:
I would be very happy if someone who can see it record it (i guess only to be seen in germany), made me a copy for which i would pay for, or upload it at youtube. i do own the film but without subtitles or language selection

how to get the channel
they also show carravaggio by derek jarman and a james dean documentary the next days.

they showed many great stuff on these niche digital channels: the smiths rockpalast was repeated a few years ago on eins festival8while the publci broadacsters havent payed it for a very long time)
..also i saw a great documentary exclusively produced for german tv on eins festival about manchester music 2 years ago
,..im still after it to see it again-does anyone have it?
music made in manchester-

produced by Paul Baskerville and Nicola Graef
a production for german tv , year 2002

with: johnny marr in interview,and as a produder for the band "haven"alo in interview:
peter hook, stone roses (ian brown) i am kloot,elbow,,badly drawn boy,lamb, doves ,alfie and others

some video stills. http://www.paul-baskerville.de/modules/news/article.php?storyid=20
there is a great scene where i couldnt find a still there..johnny marr walking with the crowd to the stadium, getting stopped, chatting with the fans,.being very charming
..mix with liveperformances of a song per band,tour through manchester,interviews,recording studio,visit /walk to man u-stadium...
they orginally produced it for a public broadcasting channel in 2002 so im hoping or a repeat,but good music shown is rare on public broadcasting channels so you have to rather count on the digital ones..but if anyone has the docu on manchester i would be happy if i could get a copy...

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