Tales of The Smiths comic (starting Sep. 3)

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By conchrisoulis on Aug 28, 2012 at 3:43 PM
  1. conchrisoulis

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    Jan 31, 2012
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    Tales of The Smiths! Coming this September!
    Here's a promo for my daily online comic strip retelling of the early days of seminal indie band, the Smiths!
    Written and drawn by Con Chrisoulis and hosted by SoComic.gr
    Starting 3rd September 2012!

    Hope you can all support the effort by 'Liking' and 'Sharing' the daily strips! :)
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    1. Cobainsweater
      Cool! Is this going to be a long-running thing or only for a limited time focusing solely on their early days?
    2. Anonym. (Con Chrisoulis)
      Anonym. (Con Chrisoulis)
      apparently, I've been banned from logging into Morrissey-Solo as conchrisoulis for "spamming" the forum with news on my new Smiths early years comics biography!
      yikes: (it's a Smiths related project that I just announced -once- in a Smiths/Moz fan forum, what's wrong with that? Is it not related or newsworthy?)

      Anyhow, regarding Cobainsweater's question:
      Thanks for the interest, Cobainsweater!
      We'll, I've planned out a few months of daily comic strips focusing on the (really) early days of the members of The Smiths, but it's continuation on the web site will depend on the amount of shares and likes that the strips get on a daily basis (so pleeeease share when it begins on the 3rd September).
      Ideally, I'll finish the 1959-1981 period and should it prove successful, I'll consider continuing it.

      In all honesty, I think that 'The Smiths 1982-1987 period' itself has been covered so much and so often (MOJO just ran -yet another- feature) that it's the roots of the band that remain truly interesting, mystifying and unexplored. The relationships, the pre-Smiths bands, the puzzle of who, what, when!
      By visualizing that period for the first time for the fans, and the newer generation, I'm kinda hoping to achieve what Backbeat and Nowhere Boy did for the legacy of The Beatles. Bringing forth, in a visual narrative, the complexity of the human that led to The Beatle/The Smith stereotype that we're all acquainted with.
      wow! heavy! :)
    3. Kewpie
      I'm terribly sorry for the mistake.

      I've already asked David to lift your ban, but he seems busy at work. :o
    4. davidt
      Infraction has been reversed.
    5. Skylarker
      Maybe if you were good at your job, things like this wouldn't happen.

      What the matter...did your "tools" fail you?
    6. conchrisoulis
      Thanks Kewpie and davidt!
      Perhaps the same thing happened to Cobainsweater too,
      because I noticed that he got banned at the same time that I did!

      Nevertheless, thanks again and I hope you guys can support the project by sharing it,
      when the daily strips begin on Monday 3rd September! :)
    7. Anonymous
      Would be interesting to find out what gave Moz super powers and made him a superhero. Was he bitten by Tony The Pony or was it a kitty? Who's the villain and his arch nemesis? Is it the young Mike Joyce? Does Joyce steal his lunch money or Johnny's guitar? Who's the Charming Man? What does it mean? The questions are endless ...
    8. Guernie
      I'm in !!! Looks like it will be fun to wait for each days up date . Nice drawings !
    9. BrummieBoy
      This is an interesting idea, and the development of the Wiki-timelines of all band members and associated cast would be a useful guide for your project.

      Good luck. I hope you get a positive response and balance fact/rumour/fantasy with the skill and adroitness of your drawings.

      *snsrly B.B*
    10. BrummieBoy
      Let's keep this thread on track, please.
      Becuz, it's actually 'kinna innerestin'

      is this cartoon style a recognised genre/trope/style? like the manga stuff my kids like?

      *sncrly B.B*
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    11. conchrisoulis
      Thanks for the interest, BrummieBoy!
      I'm actually using my quite large collection of Smiths interviews, magazines and biographies in order to put this project together.
      Using Wikipedia as a resource for a biography sounds quite amateurish and I'm trying to pull off a serious biography, it's just that I'm using a visual narrative, like a graphic novelist would do (or a director) :)
      EDIT: Just realised that morrissey-solo has created their own moz/smiths wiki and that's what Brummieboy was referring to! Well, Brummie, I hope that one day the timeline is filled to the brim and accurate enough to rely a bio on! Till then, I'm still a bookworm! Great initiative though, morrissey-solo!

      Regarding the style, I've been a professional for years and thus my style has evolved throughout the years (as it usually happens with comic book artists). I've been influenced by quite a few comic book artists and graphic novelists, my favourite probably being Jack Kirby and Daniel Clowes (you can check out my website to see some of my older stuff conchrisoulis.com or my fb page facebook.com/conchrisoulis )

      Thanks once more for the interest! Really appreciate it!
      Five more days until the first episode is live!
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    12. conchrisoulis
      Hello again!
      I've just uploaded some more info on the series and a few glimpses of the artwork
      on my website conchrisoulis.com

      Furthermore, if anyone is interested you can enter my online store and purchase the last copies that are left of my comic Dryland, in which I first printed a 'Tales of The Smiths' episode (retelling Morrissey's attendance at the infamous first Sex Pistols gig in Manchester in 1976)!

      Four more days until the first episode is live!
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    13. 123xyz
      Just had a quick look - I'm impressed by the quality of the artwork. Looking forward to seeing more ....
    14. conchrisoulis
      Aloha! The promo video for my new Tales of The Smiths comic series that is to be hosted by SoComic.gr starting this Monday 3rd September 2012 has reached almost 1500 views in two weeks!
      I've also just renewed the info on the series on my own website, so check it out here!

      One more day to go till the launch! :)
      Thaanx for the support!
    15. EnglandIsMine
      Good luck! Great initiative. I will pass this on to my daughter who is heavily into the comic scene in Glasgow. More power to ya kid!
    16. conchrisoulis
    17. CrystalGeezer
      Very interesting and well drawn. I look forward to more. (Did you use Mozipedia for the fun facts?)
    18. conchrisoulis
      Thaaanx CrystalGeezer!
      I've actually got a quite large bibliography and tons of interviews that I've been gathering for years to derive info from!
      Strangely enough, as I am on holiday in Greece right now, I've left my Mozipedia in the UK and it could come in handy when I struggle with some of the other sources that I brought with me! Luckily, I'll be back home in a week, so we'll be reunited!
      I'll be sure to publish all my bibliography, when the comics are one day collected in a single book! :)
    19. CrystalGeezer
      I bet you could PM anyone here any questions while on vacay, I'm sure everyone has a Mozipedia. (Except I don't, was too poor when it was released and never bothered to get one. :blushing:)

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