Morrissey Central "TAKE ME BACK TO DEAR OL’ BLIGHTY" (March 18, 2023)


Uncredited image by Marianne.
He’ll be arriving between 5 and 5:30 for the soundcheck. Then I imagine back the Mandarin Oriental.
Take me back to dear old Blithy too!

It's gonna be a spectacular show, with spectacular Morrissey & Band, in spectacular London.

Have a great time everyone! :)

Without Music the World Dies.
If anyone wants to be helpful:
Recording/noting the pre-show audio & video would be gratefully recieved.
It's not sold out. Both Stalls and Circle tickets still available - the only seats that have sold out are the cheapest Rear Circle standing ones.

Why do Morrissey and his team spread misinformation like this? For clout? When they could be putting off potential buyers who might have gone to the show if they new tickets were still available?
It is sold out because I tried to get one yesterday and when you actually try and buy the tickets they weren’t available. I tried ticketmaster & seetickets and had to buy a resale in the end.
Very busy! Huge queues outside still
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