T Shirt - Morrissey Central (11 April, 2019)


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Yeah the t-shirt is old. Doesn't seem like this is saying it will be available on Mporium. Maybe Sam just recently saw it. Looks like the original picture was a smith grind in a bowl but the photoshop addition of Moz makes it look like a feeble grind.


What a joke. Everyone knows those aren’t Morrissey’s legs.

The pants fit.


He said see ya l8a


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it's the kill uncle cover, but the legs with the Vance shoes are photoshopped, it doesn't fit, Morrissey on a skate board, that's not a match, I won't dare to wear it, not that I was thinking a second to buy it.


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Reckon it doesn't fit??? The California Son has been skateboarding all his life, just like he has been surfing all his life because that is what people do in California m8 inn nnn nn nn n nnn n it din't n n n n it. Reckon if he was going to put someone on a Smith grind, reckon it should of been The Oregon Son, but he can't afford to live in Moz Angeles.

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