Sylvain Sylvain talks about Morrissey during gig


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It was a beautiful, pure thing when Morrissey brought the Dolls back together. I was especially happy for Arthur "Killer" Kane who got to enjoy a last hurrah before going off to heaven.

Famous when dead

Well, just got round to reading and finishing There's No Bones In Ice Cream.

The book is worth a purchase if you collect music books or are a Sylvain fan - so not going to go in depth, but the Morrissey mentions are so few and so brief I thought I'd include them here.

They are fleeting and offer no insight in to anything regarding Morrissey so people looking to buy it on the chance of any Morrissey insights - it's possibly not for you. The bulk of the book focuses on earlier days.

"As for the mock rock remark – it was probably the smartest thing that guy ever said. Because the length and breadth of Britain, kids who watched that show just lapped it up. Joe Strummer – “The great thing, the Dolls were on TV” – Graham Parker, Morrissey. In the early nineties, Arthur and I were invited to see the latter at the Santa Monica Civic Center, and he told us about the first time he ever saw the Dolls, sitting in the living room between his mom and dad, watching us on Whistle Test."

"The New York Dolls had never been spread so far apart, but we never really separated either. None of us knew when the phone would ring and a familiar voice would come on the line, to ask if you wanted to get together, see what happened, try something out.
That went on for years, all the way up until death got in the way of life. Johnny was the first to go, in 1991, just thirty-eight years old. Jerry followed, barely nine months later, aged forty-five. And then Arthur, only fifty-five, less than a month after he joined David and me to reform the New York Dolls for the 2004 Meltdown festival curated by Morrissey.
Just like Billy, and so many others in this story … my mom and dad, Valerie Sutain, Cyrinda Foxe, David Bowie, Marty Thau, Leee Black Childers, Sable Starr, and far too many others … I think of them all almost every day, both the good times and the bad, both the laughter and the tears."

"Because the New York Dolls’ music was, and is, timeless. The New York Dolls are timeless. I don’t say this out of arrogance, boastfulness or ego, either. It’s the truth. It doesn’t matter when you first heard us, or where or why. Whether you came to us through Johnny’s solo albums, or via Buster Poindexter; whether you first heard our music being covered by Sonic Youth or Guns N’ Roses, Slaughter & The Dogs or Morrissey. The fact is, you heard us, and something spoke to you when you did."

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