Swords Promo CD & Quarry Cassette Legit?


I know on Passions that it says the French Swords promo CD is assumed to be legit but it doesn't seem to be a sure thing. Has this been established 100% one way or the other?

Also, I know one person (Aly, I think) has a Russian You Are the Quarry cassette. Do we know for sure that this is a legit item? Or possibly an unlicensed release?

Can anyone verify for these two items? Trying to figure out if I need to keep looking for them or not since I'm not into collecting unofficial releases. Thanks.
Hello Jeff,

I am sure the French Swords promo CD-r is for 100% legit. Up to now I have found several copies and they all came from different French sellers (record fairs & eBay). I also have a Russian YATQ cassette but I guess with most Russian releases it is not easy to say if they are 100% legit.

Take care, Marcel


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