Sweet and Tender Hooligans @ L.A. House Of Blues on Morrissey's UnHappy Birthday!


I know people like to come here and drink up the "Haterade" and bash the S&TH but there is a great reason why they have been such a fantastic tribute since 1992: They are indeed a GREAT cover band!

Jose sums it up best when he changes the lyric from "You Have Killed Me" to "Maldonado is me/and Morrissey- I'll NEVER Be!"

He knows he is not Moz- and the band knows they are not The Smiths or Boz or Jesse or Alain or Andy or Mike or Gary, etc. - they are just all big fans of the music and very devoted to putting on a great show. This was also a charity event that raised money for The Lange Foundation to help stray animals.

Last night at the L.A. House of Blues they packed the house with a few thousand fellow fans celebrating Morrissey's "UnHappy Birthday" - and it was an awesome experience.

Thank you for that, S&TH!

Cheers and VIVA MOZ,

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