"Surely how I feel is not nothing?" by Morrissey - statement at true-to-you.net

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    Surely how I feel is not nothing? - true-to-you.net

    by Morrissey, 15 april 2013


    I have listened and I have seen a lack of truth that we had dared not believe existed in modern Britain. Margaret Thatcher has left the order of the world, and she is not to blame for the reports of her own death - reports so dangerously biased and full of intolerant menace that we now wonder how we can possibly believe anything that has ever been recorded in British history books...
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    1. Anonymous
      Re: Surely how I feel is not nothing? MORRISSEY 16 APR 2016

      i'm pleased we're not sending anyone. polite words were enough.

      moz is absolutely right. modern media/journalism is in a piss-poor state. we live in the era of the 24 hour news cycle, which theoretically should afford exploration of every aspect of a story, and yet it's all reduced to corporate friendly sound bites.
    2. Girlmostlikely
      I think we need to remember that Morrissey wrote this for his fansite, basically a letter to his fans. He is writing to the people who are interested in what he has to say.

      I am always happy to hear a correspondence from Morrissey via TTY. It's nice to read his words and know what he's thinking about. That doesn't mean I have to agree with him all the time (and I don't), but I am interested in what he has to say.

      I thought this statement was thought out and heart felt. I can't imagine that many people can argue that the news is highly controlled and not reflective of reality. It is the same way in the US. They want to keep us busy focusing on things that don't matter, while the real issues have to be hunted for deep within the newspaper, etc. I hope Morrissey continues to mention the extreme control of the media; people need to be reminded to question the information they are spoon fed.
    3. CrystalGeezer
      OMG I'm in love. :love:

      I read this at a Clippers Game. :p Fuck he's smart.
    4. Qvist
      To compare press coverage of Thatcher with repression in North Korea and Syria is quite simply either deeply ignorant or worryingly delusional. Crosses deep into the territory of the idiot left, which is no less dominated by conspiracy bullshit than their even less savoury counterparts on the right. What'll be next, refusing vaccinations?
    5. CrystalGeezer
      This isn't about Thatcher. It's about the BBC and how media molds the minds of the non-thinker. How can you guys not get that and I could while three beers in at a loud basketball game? :squiffy: I bet Mozzy would love Umberto Eco's essays "Travels into Hyper Reality." Touches on the trend of fake journalism he's definitely got a bug up his butt about. (Rightfully so. It;s unnerving.)
    6. Anonymous
      The truth is that Thatcher and Moz are quite similar in many ways - fiercely individualist and passionate about their convictions, never scared by being unpopular, in fact, comtemptuos of others, and more than just a little bit cukoo. As Thatcher grew older her madness came more and more to the fore, and the same seems to be happening with Moz. Have you ever read a more rambling and confused rant? He really has lost the plot.
    7. Anonymous
      I just wish he'd fork out for a proper website using a designer that knows how to lay out text so that it's not a headache-inducing block of words.
    8. Amy
      It's a unreadable spew of commas and run-on sentences ranting about things he's already said. The man has lost his mind.
    9. celibate
      it's indeed not really about Thatcher but the power of Media, which Morrissey wrote so wonderfull, but He could've written it a bit shorter

      the piece about ' ding dong the whitch is dead' and Russian female punk Band Pussy Riot, who got arrested is
      IMHO what the real message is...nothing changed since Thatcher's regime, yes we are industrialised, but still
      get fooled by them, the papers, and all the news you can get nowadays from all over the world on your TV screen and the 6 o clock BBC news :)

      My day will be watching the Flemmish Arrow, de Vlaamse Pijl, een proffesional bikerace in the Hills of Belgium,
    10. Rowntree

      Aye, you get the feeling he could have written a small book but crammed it into one very big paragraph. I think he makes very valid points, I had BBC News on for a bit yesterday and turned it off thanks to the sycophantic coverage of Thatch. How I see it only 40ish percent of the voting public wanted her and at least as many thought she was an utter monster but that view is being airbrushed out of history. If you want news with less of a slant you have to watch it at some ungodly hour when most people have gone to bed. The press are the press and will always offer bias but I expect the BBC, which I along with all UK citizens pay for, to offer something approaching balanced news.
    11. Mozzersmandan
      does he even paragraph?
    12. Barking
      :p same here, I lost interest after the 10th line.The lack of paragraphs hurt me eyes...

      I'll try to read this properly on a rainy day in November ...If ever...:lbf:
    13. Anonymous
      Thank you. this is it exactly. He's not saying how much he hates Thatcher but only that many people were ruined by her and still suffer the effects. Those of you saying we are not living in the effects of decisions made even thousands of years ago, let alone 30 years ago must believe that we hit the reset button whenever someone new is elected. That's beside the point. However you feel about her the point is that anyone who feels her legacy is less than golden does not have a voice. If they do speak out they are thought of as being "anarchic" as he says. Anti-establishment is a better way to say it. Well, people are afraid to appear anti-establishment and they get nervous, sometimes rightfully so, when they hear the ideas of those who would bring about some type of change.

      The media is owned by a very small number of people. That is a fact. The news is biased. You're on the Internet and most of you are in countries where you can use a search engine. There are people profiting on every type of exploitation and of course people make money pushing conspiracy theories. Or they just be prone to that sort of thing. But you should all read about the Banco Ambrosiano. People high within the Vatican were laundering drug money and every other kind of dirty money probably. That's on record.

      And would you ever have believed that the Church moved known pedophiles to new locations and covered up their activities? These things are why the last Pope left office. He covered up for pedophiles. All these scandals are coming out and he's probably got one of his own worthy of the greats. A Nazi Pope who protects pedophiles. And people still support this shit. It's not just the Catholics. The Boy Scouts, now owned by the Mormons, don't send your kids there, also covered up abuse and there are hundreds of cases.

      I'm not against any particular branch of religion but it is not a harmless part of society. The Vatican Library holds cultural treasures that they stole and killed for all over the world and won't share. The fact that their ridiculous claims to the right to tell people how live their lives are still treated with respect by the media seems strange. They talk about this new Pope being a reformist. That is like the new head of the mafia being a reformist who is going to clean things up. It's ridiculous.

      It's hard to believe this type of corruption exists but we see more and more of it. The hedge fund wizards who broke the economy were acting very unethically and in collusion and many people went to jail for criminal conspiracy. Look at the Jimmy Saville story and all the people that had to know. You have to be very careful what you believe of course but the point is that the media is controlled. It's owned by big business and they don't use their resources stupidly. When you're watching television you're getting a barrage of messages that repeat constantly until you have commercial jingles stuck in your head and you're "worried about whether Dick finally got down with Jane on Search For Tomorrow."

      My point is that things we would have never believed turned out to be true.
    14. mozmal
      Yes, it's rambling, but he's absolutely right in almost all of this.
    15. MexicanPoet247
      so you actually BELIEVE Tim McVeigh was the OKC Bomber? :lbf::rofl::guffaw:
      I bet you believe in the "official story" of 9/11 too. :laughing:
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    16. BrummieBoy
      Welcome back Morrissey. And thank you.

      Part 1 of 2:

      I haven't had time to examined every sentence forensically as my phone is bleeping non-stop. But having read this a few times, I appear to be in total agreement with this powerful writing. I have never felt so troubled and tormented by my cultural and political heritages as I do this morning. I was offered a chauffeur to go to London but I am so angry and apoplectic that I have declined in case the crowds and the sickening travesty of 'Britain' on display triggers a bout of claustrophobic agoraphobia and I drop dead from another embolism: a stroke at the silent stroke of Big Ben in Elizabeth Tower as the charade begins. No greater symbol of suppression could have been engineered.

      Instead I will drive to the grave of Elgar with Benjamin Britten blaring from my car speakers. Here, in the very heart of England I will burn an effigy of Thatcher atop both Worcestershire and Herefordshire Beacons, the twin peaks of The Shire. Thatcher is Sauron. Her Empire that of Mordor. The Saxons of Mercia will rise and, with HS2 high-speed rail, our culture will reclaim and rescue those tribes trapped beneath the Norman Yoke to the South of our lands. Our friends in Manchester are too far away and always have been. Plus they now host the enemy within, the Beeb have colonised Salford.

      Cameron's attempt to bring Shakespeare's Warwickshire and Sarehole Mill within the commuter drone zone of London and the South East, thereby irrevocably altering the voting outcomes of all future general elections to his party's favour will not result in the outcome he imagines. Mercian culture is too strange, too bizarre to be assimilated.

      His Coalition will be remembered for establishing gay marriage as a right, but once it is understood that this is only happening because, like the campaign of Cardinal Assange and Monsignore Manning with The Magisterium: half of the down-low Tory rank and file have been put on final warning that they will be outed en mass if they oppose freedom. Also the public school 'phags' under my thumb in the BBC. I am the Pope of Pope and head of "The Lavender Mafia" Make it so!

      The greatest and most important principle of our freedoms in these Isles of Wonder is that minorities matter. It doesn't matter if you are Bobby Sands, or a gay kid in Lichfield who just wants to be a suburban accountant and adopt a kid rescued from a Catholic orphanage, rather than take drugs and have 30 years of 96 hour weekends fuelled by drink and drugged sex binges. Even Rupert Everett has woken up from that cult, Morrissey, like me, was one of the first to escape. It doesn't matter if you're 'only' a nobody who's been incapacitated with rage for two decades, from having tortured by the Serious Crimes Squad of the West Midlands Police, an unwilling and unwitting prisoner of conscience and political prisoner until the whole rotten edifice collapsed with Savile and Cardinal O'Brien. Everyone's freedom is important or no-one's is.
      I am both an Englishman and an Irishman. I was born on a boat on the Irish Sea, between Hollyhead and Dún Laoghaire . And "up with this I will not put". I will not, and cannot tolerate today without spontaneously combusting if I do not protest, with my little Westie dying of cancer as my guard and daemon familiar. I will be followed to the top of each of the 'twin peaks' that surround my home town by some ridiculous security agents from a private corporation and those from a 'foreign power', as I was on the day of the Papal Visit of October 2010. And the parallels are both vivid and disturbing. A foregin power (the holy see) openly propagandising to subvert centuries of British freedoms, given a rim job by ALL major political parties. Just like Thatcher's dead arse. I promised spectacular revenge, and on Calton Hill @20:12, 20/12, 2012 I pressed the button and launched the code from my mobile. The result: A Pope forced to resign by Warhol 2.0 in one of the most extraordinary events of European history. I think people are now realising why 'pop music' is rather low on our to-do list, despite the lessons of Gramsci. And all it took was a 'charidee Chidren In Need fund-raising email', less than an A4 page to change human history.

    17. BrummieBoy
      Part 2 of 2

      I didn't 'Protest The Pope' as to do so is to feed the delusion that he is important. Ditto Thatcher. I suggested Mock The Pope instead, but the tiresome Dawkins was resistant, apparently, even if Hitch was onboard. Mock the Mourners is today's theme. "Ding Dong" was a perfect storm of British mockery and ironic protest, but the BBC had to betray their charter, betray the very notion of British fair-play, rip up the cricket stump and put on the Chicago School shoulder pads to match Maggies. They are WORSE than the Tory Party's wank-fest funeral/celebration. The staged and studied 'statement' of Carol Thatcher with her arms-dealing brother skulking behind her was merely a prelude to her next stage of media rehabilitation from "GollywogGate". Benjamin Zephaniah destroyed I wonder what contracts for exclusive interviews and media appearances she will now sign to 'tell us of her pain' at being a barely loved child like her mother was to her ambitious Alderman father. Thatcher and Plath, has no one else seen the connection?

      Scargill and Galloway are given face-time, but not to consider their position respectfully, but as pantomime ogres to reflect wisdom on the entire Establishment basking in glow of St Margaret's halo. But that glow is the political equivalent of every outdated nuclear reactor in Britain about to explode in their faces. The neoliberal 'solution' to the woes of the 1970s has been the equivalent of building nuclear power stations without accepting they might one day face an earthquake and tsunami. It's coming. Not just to Britain but all over the world. Collapse.

      Occupy Neoliberalism.

      Today I wear a Gramsci t-shirt in safety, knowing that no-one on these streets will have a clue. Nowhere in the so-called Fourth Estate have I seen Brad deLong's comment on Thatcher's letter to Hayek discussed:

      There is a conspiracy not of silence, but of stupid acquiescence to a myth, a fairy tale, a reverse pantomime that seeks to establish Thatcher as Cinderella to Reagan. The Queen has totally destroyed her credibility as Peter Oborne, the High Priest of Telegraph Toryism fully understands. And he knows how this will play out over the next decades.

      In 1979, Britain was invaded by a foe at least as dangerous as Hitler. But, unlike Hitler, the pernicious anti-British ideology of Thatcherism succeeded in subverting our historic institutions and bulwarks against fascist ideology. The BBC is now complicit as a corporate criminal enterprise using public money to celebrate the Benefit Theft festival of Thatchers Funeral endorsed by Queen Elizardbeast and her recent 20% pay rise whilst those on a Minimum, Not Living Wage get 1%. As do "the poor and the needy, selfish and greedy" 'subjects' of both the Queen of the British Empire and the Zombie Queen of Neoliberals World-Wide. The zombie apocalypse is happening today on the streets of London.

      Morrissey is spot on, so I'm going to give him an escape route: He probably has organised his tax affairs to avoid HMRC. Unless he has broken the law, like his sexuality; it's no-ones business. I have been testing his resolve and authenticity and he has passed through the fire of my Inquisition intact via this statement. Whether he has funded peaceful resistance to British imperialism by supporting peaceful Irish Republicans and resistance to the joint co-dependent British-Argentine Junta project that is Las Falklands, then posterity will reveal the truth.

      For now, I hope he strips it back to basics, like the Polecats did at Birmingham Irish Centre's Leinster Room recently. I hope he uses this statement as a springboard for a new phase of his fascinating journey through Art, Religion, Psychology and Politics to unleash the anger and inspirational outrage of these words in lyrics and ululating yodels and yelps that also have to been banned from the airwaves as 'not cricket, too ding-dong". I sat front row at Jerry Sadowitz's show at Wolves Civic recently, reflecting on Moz's hilarious appearance there in his St Trinian's bus. Jerry was blacklisted for outing Savile. I'm blacklisted by every Mason and Opus Dei creep in the British, Irish, American and Australian Establishment. And Morrissey is blacklisted too. He will not get a mainstream recording contract unless either or both Al-Jazeera and Russia Today decide to set up a boutique imprint. Actually, I'm in discussions to organise that, so I'll make contact with Morrissey later this year.

      I understand how Morrissey has lapsed into incoherent babble as he's struggled to absorb the immensity of the world's maxima culpas. I've fallen under the 'madness' too. But now, today, there can be no more illusion, no more delusion. We do not need to speculate on Lizards and Illuminati when we see how the death of a 'saint' had been spun. Winston is spinning in his grave, covered in the vomit of disgust at our nation.

      Psy has shown the way. If Morrissey finds the music, the words and the images, then a simple post to YouTube will bring him to a billion. But, careful what you wish for....the great artists of history and prehistory were often ambivalent, even 'anonymous', knowing that their vision was simply 'too much' for the current iteration of reality. Initially, Morrissey appeared almost miraculously in a pre-internet era where his metamodern mash-up of reality was a blessed relief from the hegemenony of Murdoch and MacKenzie.[I don't remember Thatcher publicly remonstrating and condemning "Gotcha!" by the way].

      The sadness of the Brighton bombings was that innocent people were targetted, as they were on November 21 1974 in Birmingham. Norman Tebbit's wife could never have done anything to deserve such a fate, nor the joggers slipping down the side-streets of Boston, where there's panic on the streets...

      Thatcher declared war on British culture. I regard her as both an 'enemy within' and as an intellectual terrorist. Like Osama Bin Laden, her death should have been silent to a watery grave, unmarked by preposterous censorship of pop songs, clock towers and anyone who fancies a bottle of cider outside St Paul's as a pre-lunch cocktail. In my mind's eyes, as I burn her effigy and look out to Cader Idris, to the Welsh Marches, to Shropshire, to where Owain Glyndŵr was foiled at Worcester, I will also be on the Belgrano as it sinks, and I will offer a prayer to those young men who were murdered by Thatcher in the full knowledge and connivance of the Junt who worshipped her War Pig ideology and helped shape it.

      Here, where Thatcher sought refuge, and everyone knew, especially the IRA, but no one could reach her, except Jimmy Savile having passed MI5 scrutiny: I will protest. And I will, as always, Protest at the Proms, where ignorant fcuks think they own Elgar and Britten. "Elgar is me. Britten I will be!" This is not Thatcher's Britain, it was, is, and always will be: the country of Shakepeare and his sister, of Brummie Boy and his 'secretary' Sharon McCormick. We will go down with this ship of Britishness, we fought Hitler, we fought Thatcher. We are Celtic Blood, Saxon Hearts, and we will never, ever submit to the Norman Toraigh 1000 year yoke and Reich. 1066-2066. 1916-2016: it's time to set these Isles of Wonder free, and we all have a part to play. You, me, and Morrissey.

      I'm a public figure now, and yet I'm not. I have Harry Potter's cloak of invisibilty and Bilbo's Ring of Power. Anyone on Sark or in Camp Mordor-Murdoch or Camp Dacre: beware! Here be dragons! Here be monsters! Just type in my name and see how many superinjunctins come up due to Fr XXX, and 'Savile and others'. Let's see if Kier Starmer is fit for purpose or whether he's going to be dragged before the War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague alongside everyone else. Including, especially, the BBC. The myrmidons defending Thatcher will also fail, falling into the garbage can of history. Hence, the supreme tactical moves of Peter Oborne in distancing himself from today's unseemly orgy of constitutional desecrations. They are doing more for the Republican cause on both sides of the Irish Sea than they could possible realise in their worst nightmares.

      I offered Truth and Reconciliation, but Thatcher and her successors, Major, Blair, Brown, Cameron and Clegg wanted war. As did Haughey through to Cowen. Enda-you're on your final warning! So war it is. Or was. It's over. I won. But, "Matt and Trey are on my side". Adam Ant sang "ridicule is nothing to be scared of." No, it isn't, unless you're a pompous fraudulent windbag like Thatcher. Morrissey has, with this statement, 'walked through fire'. Welcome back. And I hope you enjoy the manifestation of BrummieBoy, if he can be persuaded to abandon the pleasures of hearth and home and step on stage for the first time since Dublin in 1970. Bigger than Elvis? Bigger than MJ? Bigger than Psy? Quite possibly, if he decides that's the way, 'going forward'[sic] and can pay the gas bill! As Moz said "you can be a hoot on the internet but mean nothing in 'real life'. Listen to Real Life by Magazine, my friend...LOL! It may end in the local karaoke bar or on Copacabana Beach at the winter solstice of 2021 before 1,500,000 in the ultimate carnival after Collapse. Or, the 'transmission' from 'another place' may fail, the secret knife that opened the portal at Birmingham Oratory may be found by MI5. It may end with him declining, or once again seeking refuge in 'insanity'. We'll see. Ekaterina Babooshka has moved closer, the collaborations begin. Everything is up for grabs, in the second half, third and final act of "The (Un)Examined Life of BrummieBoy".

      [it needs part 3!]
    18. BrummieBoy
      Go for it, Morrissey. Rave on, John Donne. Rage against the dying of the light. And let's all have a wonderful peaceful day, as we party on singing "Ding! Dong!" The truth is awake, and the vampire of Neoliberalism will soon receive it's stake..and it took a Swedish brother and sister to rise to the challenge, to point the finger at the traitors to their tribe, the Franc Viking who became the Normans, who became the British Royal Family in ideological war against the tribes of Mercia, Celtia and Scandinavia upon Tyne. We look to Scandinavia...London is Dead. Or once again, is "London Calling"?

      Andrew-Gerard George-Patrick : M*****
      aggp:M 2012-2021
      @20:12, 20/12, 2012 ------ 2012-2021: The Next Episode!

      'keep calm and carry on, stiff upper lip, good-bye, toodle-pip, cheerio, tara-a-bit.'
      Porblem? Challenge? Let me know. Otherwise: Make It So.
      We are Legion. We do [not] forgive. We do [not] forget. [Do not] Expect us!
      In Julbilo! Onwards! Upwards! Forward! Amor Fati!

      "Under the Sun, look what we have got. And those who haven’t:bad luck. We’ve been running ’round, pushing the shopping cart. January 2012. Even in the suburbs of Rome. A brick in a castle,a camp for those on the runDance as weapons. release my eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes tell me you. Some other kid is sucking on my thumb. Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes tell me you Another kid needs to suck on my thumb Under the Sun Picking piles of flowers for the flowers’ pot It’s all that I’ve got On my doorstep:a screaming handI’m telling you stories Trust me Rewrite history to suit our needs. Open my country. A tooth for an eye, eyes, eyes, eyes tell me you. Some other kid is sucking on my thumb. Eyes, eyes, eyes, eyes tell me you. Another kid needs to suck on my thumb. Border’s lies. the idea of what’s mine. a strange desire. Drawing lines with a ruler. Bring the fuel to the fire. Border’s lies the idea of what’s mine a strange desire Drawing lines with a ruler Bring the fuel to the fire "



    19. Bluebirds
      Can't disagree with that. Prescient writing from the heart.

      The truth will out one day. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next year, maybe next century. But it will. The human spirit is indefatigable
    20. Anonymous
      Sorry mozza , England was yours but didn't owe you a living , which was why mrs t had to drag this land up by its boot straps following the trade union ravaged industrial chaos of the 1970's labour government ravaged wastelands. Power cuts due to strikes , army having to bury the dead and clear rubbish , hard decisions need hard leaders , and that's what the British public voted for in 3 elections

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