Super rare (12 only made) promo Morrissey T-shirt from 1988 for auction on eBay

This is an EMI promotional T-shirt made in tiny quantities to mark the release of the Every Day Is Like Sunday single. I believe all the examples were offered as prizes in a Smash Hits magazine competition. No other EDILS t-shirt was ever produced officially in the 1980s. It's totally and utterly genuine and I'm willing to bet one has never even been offered previously on eBay.



This promotional t-shirt is one of only 12 made by EMI to mark the release of Morrissey's Every Day Is Like Sunday single in the UK. It was never for sale in the shops and was only offered to fans as a prize in a competition run by Smash Hits Magazine, back in 1988.

As such it is among the scarcest Morrissey t-shirts ever produced and a superb item for the collector of Moz mega-rarities! Many fans will not even be aware of its existence.

It is categorically not a pirate nor is it a copy but the actual garment I received as a competition prize 29 years ago (can I really be that long since Viva Hate??) Condition is used but very good as you can see from the picture. I'd estimate the size as being an 'M'. The armpit to armpit measurement is 50cm.
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I would have been 13 years of age when I was buying stuff from you all those years ago.
Will never forget the joy at receiving tapes, t shirts and records.
I would love to buy a "frankly..." t shirt in medium if you have one ??
I gave mine away to an x girlfriend circa 1992 and always regretted it

Elspeth Buggery

aka Chris Adams
I do indeed recall the shirts - I think you sold a few in the queue too :) Do you remember being paranoid incase they meant 'official' shirts only to get in! I would love that 'lost' footage of Tim Broad's to surface one day just to see our younger selves. Thankfully, we didn't exit to find a couple of thousand people rioting being refused entry - we were very lucky that day.
I appreciated the copy from the original tape too - I believe I still have that in storage.
The quality of the shirts was just outstanding - also they seemed ahead of their time as the printing was just so much clearer and defined when compared to the record shops.
I must say, I was in awe of your collecting - something I've taken up myself to mildly autistic levels.
What a small world it is.
What larks Pip!
Yes, I recall that. As though bouncers would have intimate knowledge of which Smiths sleeves had yet been officially issued on tee shirts haha! Do you have the leaked official footage of Wolverhampton? did either of us get interviewed by Timmy's people? My memory is a trifle hazey! How could I forget giving you a TDK D90 of the show when you promptly handed it over to a dodgy bloke in your local record shop haha! My rather rubbish recording became an even more rubbish bootleg LP!
Regarding collecting, I peaked in about 1995. I even one time had both 7" and 12" of the Meat is Murder EP but they were sold to Japan in about 1992. I always dreamed of getting a RATF promo 7" but it seems the MIM EP now outclasses even that in desirability terms! Nice to've had it at least.

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