Super rare (12 only made) promo Morrissey T-shirt from 1988 for auction on eBay

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By Elspeth Buggery on Feb 14, 2017 at 7:17 PM
  1. Elspeth Buggery

    Elspeth Buggery aka Chris Adams

    Nov 6, 2009
    This is an EMI promotional T-shirt made in tiny quantities to mark the release of the Every Day Is Like Sunday single. I believe all the examples were offered as prizes in a Smash Hits magazine competition. No other EDILS t-shirt was ever produced officially in the 1980s. It's totally and utterly genuine and I'm willing to bet one has never even been offered previously on eBay.



    This promotional t-shirt is one of only 12 made by EMI to mark the release of Morrissey's Every Day Is Like Sunday single in the UK. It was never for sale in the shops and was only offered to fans as a prize in a competition run by Smash Hits Magazine, back in 1988.

    As such it is among the scarcest Morrissey t-shirts ever produced and a superb item for the collector of Moz mega-rarities! Many fans will not even be aware of its existence.

    It is categorically not a pirate nor is it a copy but the actual garment I received as a competition prize 29 years ago (can I really be that long since Viva Hate??) Condition is used but very good as you can see from the picture. I'd estimate the size as being an 'M'. The armpit to armpit measurement is 50cm.
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Discussion in 'Marketplace archive (read-only)' started by Elspeth Buggery, Feb 14, 2017.

    1. davidt
      It's been reported this item is fake... it is a bit suspicious claiming Rough Trade had anything to do with it.
    2. Anonymous
      Could I have some evidence or confirmation of this 'report' please? Many thanks.
    3. Chris Adams
      Chris Adams
      Supporting evidence please, David. As you know I've been a Smiths/Morrissey collector since 1984 and many rare rare items have passed through my hands.
    4. Elspeth Buggery
      Elspeth Buggery
      Hi David,
      Chris Adams here. As you know, I've been a collector of things rare and wondrous Morrissey-related for many many years. I can confirm 100% that the t-shirt is genuine. I won it myself in that Smash Hits magazine competition. If anyone has a stock of back issues of the mag they'll be able to find it being offered as a prize. Of course it's my assumption is that RT ran them up [duh, I should of course have said EMI, not Rough Trade. Put it down to old age]; I can't think who else would? If you could kindly tell me who has 'reported it as fake' and on what grounds?
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    5. Kenmare
      Well and fine, but the exact same image appears on at least one current Mporium shirt available to buy today. To each his own.
    6. butley

      The single was released by EMI on Parlophone Records. Nothing to do with Rough Trade, though it could still be genuine.
    7. joe frady
      joe frady
      Holy Hell...Hello Chris/Elspeth,

      W-G-C right?

      Can i just say Thank You Kindly for all the unparalleled pleasure you gave me, back in the day....via VHS, C-90s & Royal Mail! ;)

      í used to drool over your lists of booty and count the pennies until í could send off for my next item.
      Good to know you're still around.

      On-topic, í have no 'proof' other than the firm knowledge that í used to scour every page of 'ver Hits' at that time, and í remember sending off my SAE to try and win said shirt.
      It also appears to be a straight black variant to the one worn by EMI A&R guy/Moz 'chum' Tris Penna in the 'EDILS' promotional film ~


      ~ so í would guess, yes, EMI ran off a few as promos.

      All this makes me sadly recall all your cracking rare Smiths Ts that í let slip through my fingers!

      How Time Drags :thumb:
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    8. Anonymous
      Whoops, oh dear. My bad. Yes, EMI not Rough Trade. Brain fade!
    9. Anonymous
      Well and, as you say, fine. But the 'exact same image' does NOT appear on any of the Morrissey t-shirts on that site. Try again?
    10. Elspeth Buggery
      Elspeth Buggery
      Actually not well and fine. I've searched thru every T-shirt onside on that rather shoddy website and 'that exact same image' does not appear on any T-shirt. Could this be what you're referring to?
      Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 13.23.38.png Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 13.23.07.png
    11. Elspeth Buggery
      Elspeth Buggery
      Greetings mon camarade. Yes, 'tis the wag from W-G-C. Thank you for your kind words re my T-shirts, VHS and indeed C90s. Such heady days where just the mention of a new recording from Dundee Caird Hall could set our hearts a-flutter! do you still have any of my original tees then? I have a few TIALTNGO and a Frankly Mr Shankly or two at the bottom of my cupboard. They look good as new, bizarrely. Mind you, I did insist on Screen Stars or Hanes, never dodgy cheapo brands.
      Many thanks for assisting my addled brain with your own reminiscences concerning that Smash Hits (or 'ver Hits', as you so rightly describe it)T-shirt competition. I was starting to wonder if I hadn't after all imagined the whole thing. Now how do we get hold of Tris Penna's black-on-white version!?
      Lastly, the Gods of Synchronicity are toying with us yet again. A mere two nights ago I (re)watched the movie The Parallax View. Spooky, what.
    12. Elspeth Buggery
      Elspeth Buggery
      Thank you. That was a regrettable brain fade on my part.
    13. davidt
      Hi Chris,

      I don't know why the person reported the post instead of posting here, but with the added information this is indeed a nice and very rare item. I will feature it on the main page as you are correct, I don't think many collectors know about this item. I did not realize you were on the site, thank you also for all the rare items in the early days, even before email existed.

    14. Elspeth Buggery
      Elspeth Buggery
      Thanks David, you're welcome. Yes, it was different back then - all waiting for the postman, searching musty record shops and finding other true believers in the oddest places. Happy innocent times :wink:
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    15. Anonymous
      If you bother to look on the everyday is like sunday page in peepholism you will see a photo of the two older ladies who were in the video wearing the exact same ones.
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    16. Famous when dead
      Famous when dead
      I will have to go through my Smash Hits magazines in the loft - I seem to remember they had several interesting competitions.
      I'd also like to know how many 'Interesting Morrissey' promo tshirts were made and given to certain record shops - mine was from Badlands in Cheltenham - I now see several bootleg designs quite similar, but the original is like hen's teeth to find.
    17. Abrahan
      Here is a photo of the two fur wearing women from the EILS video wearing a version of the shirt.

      Photo from Peepholism:

    18. Kenmare
      I beg pardon---to my eyes, that is the same image of Morrisey. Same pose. Only the lettering is different. Cheers!
    19. gordyboy9
      I don't care if its the only one ever made,no way would I ever put on a 19 year old of the old grannies could bung it on ebay to bump up their pension.
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