Sun: Morrissey wades into Falklands row

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By Garmon on Mar 2, 2012 at 10:05 PM
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Discussion in 'General Discussion archive 2012 (read-only)' started by Garmon, Mar 2, 2012.

    1. Anonymous
      God bless Moz!
    2. Anonymous
    3. Anonymous
      F*ck Morrissey and his immature, duplicitous, and quite selective condemnatory pronouncements. The state of Israel is carrying out countless human rights abuses on a daily basis in quite a deliberate manner (as it feels immune from criticism and accountability) in it's continued illegal occupation of Palestine. An occupation that has been met with countless U.N. resolutions condemning Israel's occupation of Palestine (which Israel ignores wilfully, knowing it can hide behind Uncle Sam, it's sugar daddy). Israel has been met with international condemnation of it's so called Security Wall it's built around the occupied territories (which has been declared under international law to be illegal). There's more that could be said about Israel's continued illegal occupation of Palestine (I haven't even touched upon it's illegal settlements in the West Bank, nor the open prison they have turned the Gaza Strip into (the new Warsaw Ghetto). None of this seems to matter a jot to Morrissey, nor merits a mention by him. Nor does the call to culturally boycott Israel due to the illegal occupation seem to bother him. Why would it bother him when there's money to be made playing a gig in Tel Aviv. Seriously if you bother to read fan forums like this Morrissey (which I'm sure you too, me thinks you protest too much about this site, not to read it), go f*ck yourself Morrissey!...and now for the blindly loyal fans to clamour , and hysterically defend him( yawns).
    4. Anonymous
      Get a life!

    5. Anonymous
      Oxymoronic, I think one would call that.
    6. Anonymous
      I support the Jews. May Jesus, who died on the cross...bless them. We especially support them against Nazi's and Iran. Let us hope that the Jews will turn Iran into rubble. Praise Allah. As for what you, said... *yawn* Palestine are a bunch of cry baby troublemakers...screw them. Long live the blessed prophet, Morrissey, who can do NO wrong.


    7. Anonymous
      You are not to talk about anybody. Anybody. Especially Morrissey you NME mechanical wind up doll who is clearly working for and sent by the NME. What is justice Conor when you subject yourself, yourselves to more lies and bullshit. Justice shall be served so your purpose here has,had and will continue to have no credibility as you will not be a very credible witness, will you? No.You get my drift? Now get off these boards and begin to learn to speak true words. In the meantime mind your own business.
    8. Anonymous
      I think morrissey can say or do whatever he wants. He's beautiful and perfect, and i'll never stop loving him. Viva morrissey!!!!!!!!!
    9. shayde
      is the falkland islands a piece of land or a community of people? don't the people that actually live there want to remain part of england? surely they are the only ones who should have a legitimate say over this topic? not random people who know little about it and don't live there.
    10. osric
      Well that's it...this must be a sign.
    11. Anonymous
      A sign of what?
    12. Anonymous
      Look it this way, if the Falklander Islanders declared independence from the UK, what right has Argentina, 300 miles away, who have never owned the Islands, got to say the Islands belongs to them? Remember, Argentina invaded by force and treated the Islanders like dirt. The Argentians were ones trying to be colonialists in the 1980s. Why would the Falkland Islanders want anything to do with them?
    13. Ash Morrison
      Ash Morrison
      He's a washed up old hasbeen who should keep his mouth shut
    14. Anonymous
    15. nozmuppet
      Label Morrissey a racist, what know a jew hater....please...........
    16. devout
      The people of the Falklands want to remain British.

      The only reason for the sudden Argentinian reinterest is the discovery of minerals/oil down there.

      All involved, bar the Islanders, are despicable.

      As for Moz, very cheap and also very predictable.
    17. Dave2006
      If you are accepting news/ links posts from Jukebox Jury, does that mean his ban is about to be lifted?

      Hope so.

    18. Uncleskinny
      I, for one, would welcome our new Jukebox overlord.

      On the point in question, I think it's a cheap crowd-pleasing shot. No one cared about the Falklands until recently when this happened...

    19. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      Meh. In Brazil he revealed he only has a strip of pubic hair and enjoys rampaging around the favelas with his death squad. The Falklands should be left to the penguins.

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